Activation taking a very long time, existing member moving to 5.0

Some members are reporting having received a refund for their sim card orders so you may want to check your credit card activity.

I am wondering if the credit that you noted also cancelled your Sim cards order and therefore perhaps they never got shipped out?

The refund would not have cancelled the order. These refunds are being given proactively, even if the SIM cards have already been activated.

If it has been this long since your order placed, then there was a problem either with the shipment or with the delivery. Please open a ticket with Republic support to see if staff can check on the status of the shipment an send you new SIM cards if the ones you paid for were never sent or delivered.

I feel like @Nighthawk is looking for a status of when they can proceed with transferring numbers and activating their SIM cards, rather than complaining the SIM cards haven’t been received. But I could be wrong here.


Or, you may be right! :slight_smile:

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I have the SIM cards in hand. They delivered to me without issue, although the tracking was a little delayed, but either way I have had the SIM cards in my possession since December 23rd. I tried to activate them on December 24th and my kids two phone lines have been in permanent limbo since. 24 days since they got their cellphones as their Christmas present and they have yet to be able to use them outside of my house.

Ok…thanks for the clarification…sorry I misunderstood your question earlier…as far as community is concerned…we only have the status page which was updated 11 days ago and that one still states transfers from 4.0 to 5.0 are paused.

I would say your best bet it is to continue to work with RW support through your ticket to see when they can get you moved over to 5.0

Hi @Nighthawk,
I finally got around to changing your username. I’ll open a Help Ticket on your behalf to see if there is anything we can do for your kids.

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Just to update everybody, @southpaw was able to intervene and get my kids phone port request knocked out within 24 hours! Now I’ve got to tackle the other two lines as my Google autocomplete put my phone number into the form and I ported my phone number by mistake! Thankfully that is easy to solve since I can just swap the SIM cards around, but I do need to get new SIM cards ordered and get my last two 4.0 lines converted to 5.0.

Good for you! There seems to be a lot of issues and hassle with moving to 5.0. My phone is on its last leg. So, I bought a new one compatible with 4.0 My Choice (current plan) as well as the 5.0. The problem I’m having setting up my new phone with My Choice is that I don’t have a GSM My Choice SIM card (Nano size). I’ve got the old CDMA SIM. Republic won’t send My Choice SIM cards out any longer. Anyone have a used one for me? I spent an hour with customer service only to find out that existing members cannot move to the 5.0 plan. You have to create a new account and receive a new phone # and there is no guarantee as to a time when you can port your old phone # to your new phone/account. I’ve been with Republic since the beginning and supported them all the way, but they just didn’t think this one through. I’m sure they’ll eventually work through the issues, but what am I supposed to do in the meantime?

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Hi @scoty,

It’s not that we are just refusing to send My Choice SIM cards, we can no longer activate them. If I shipped you an entire box full of them, they’d be useless, except maybe to scrape the ice off your windshield.

Can you tell us what’s going on with your old phone? Maybe Community can help with some suggestions to tide you over until the new move-to-5.0 process is working.

Hi Southpaw,

We could use a few more ice scrapers up here…its all the way up to 20 today. Is there a way to get a used one that’s activated?

The main thing with my Moto G5+ is that the power button no longer works. I keep an eye on the battery so that it doesn’t die. There are a few other issues with texting: font size is giant and cannot be changed. After sending a text, the message is still left in the text box and has to be deleted. Also, when Wi-Fi calling is handed off to cellular, neither one of us can hear the other even though we’re still connected.

The new one is a Samsung Galaxy S10. The TEC # matches the 5.0 compatibility page, but why does it say that Wi-Fi calling is not compatible with this phone. What? Even my Defy made wi-fi calls.