Activation Time Line for New Phone

I currently have a 1st Generation Moto X and LOVE IT! I’m thinking about getting a Moto X Pure Edition and would like to know if there is a time limit to activate the new phone with my current number after I receive it? I will be quite busy for the next two weeks and I would like to take advantage of getting this phone but I don’t want to transfer over to it until after the first week in August.


You will need a new SIM card for the X Pure. This also may use the other network partner GSM so you may have different coverage. You also would be switching to the current My Choice Plan.

The Moto X Pure is an older phones model and is not sold new anymore.
It sometimes pops up as Certified Pre-Owned on the R.W. Store.

If you buy a X Pure elsewhere, please note the BYOP SIM is GSM. But you can request a CDMA SIM (the same network your Moto X1 uses) after you activate the new phone on the BYOP SIM.

As far as “activation” time, the SIM cards them selves have a expiration date, usually a year or 2 away. If you buy a new phone from Republic’s store, you have 14 Days Return Window that starts the day the phone is delivered to you. So if you wait to activate it until after that time, you will not be able to return it or exchange it if it has an issue. Also note, the used Pre-Owned phones do not have a manufacture warranty.

Makes sense and I appreciate your insight and timely response!

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