Active calls sent to voicemail, phone using cell network instead of wifi

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Issue Description

So, after much troubleshooting, experimenting, and testing, I’m pretty sure that these two things are connected.
This has been happening on two different phones (moto X3 play, moto G Fast), over multiple networks. When on wifi network in an area with no/very limited cell signal, Republic will sometimes switch calls to be over cell (data and messaging will properly route over wifi). This can last from seconds to hours. Resetting the app, phone, connections does not seem to help, or at least will fix it for a moment until to happens again. When this occurs mid call, it sends the caller to voicemail. I thought it was a wifi issue at my old house, as the internet connection and wifi were both weaker, but after testing on multiple networks, I’m 100% confident that it’s triggered by having no/very limited cell. This is a huge problem as my new place has that situation. To clarify, I have strong wifi and internet here. I’ve tried doing manual handover, but that doesn’t help for receiving calls, nor for making them (as you can’t do handover until the call starts), and it still drops them to VM mid call. Not sure where to go from here.

Hi @kylew.nrrl1d,

If you’re certain that the “drops into voicemail” experience is happening when the phone hands over from WiFi to cell, you could try putting the phone in airplane mode, then re-enabling WiFi. Doing so would prevent the Republic app from trying to hand the call over to cell.

I considered doing that at one time, but for some reason thought that Republic required cell service to not be disabled. Next time this issue pops up, I’ll switch it to airplane mode and test if that makes a difference.

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