AD Blocker available for Moto G (16GB) (1st Gen.)?

Does the **Moto G (16GB) (1st Gen.) have an AD Blocker available ?

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I don’t know of any particular ad blocker app that can be installed on the Moto G.

However, if you are looking for a broswer that has ad blocking, I would highly recommend Brave. The Brave internet browser has a built in ad/script blocker. The browser is also built upon Chromium which the Google Chrome browser is also built upon (Think Chrome + ad blocker). Plus you can force websites to use HTTPS , block 3rd party cookies, and more. I currently use it on my Moto G (1st Gen) and overall it’s great! It makes navigating the web on an old phone more bearable.

Simply put, no. There is no system wide ad-blocker that u can simply activate to block all ads on the phone.

The only thing u can easily do is to use apps free or paid version apps that do not have ads.
And to use a web browser app that has built in ad block, such as Opera or Brave.

There are some apps, that kinda can block ads system wide, by using a VPN and it re-routes the phones Internet connection through it and that will block many ads…however, this is not recommended as it may block or mess with things including R.W. own software needed to run your phone properly.

Technically speaking, there is a way to block ads if u are rooted, but again, that is not recommended as it may cause issues.
I am not sure if R.W. ap will even work on a rooted/modified device.

ok, thanks.

ok, thanks

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