Add a new line with a used phone from ebay!

Bought a used moto e xt 1019 ebay listing said it was a first gen G. But seems like its an E. I want to add it to my existing republic wireless account as a new line. When i boot the phone up and try to activate. (I am connected to the internet and republic app is updated.) it says Were unable to determin the status of your phone if you recently activated tap get if you recently changed your plan tap skip and you’ll be prompted later. I tried a factory reset already i opened back cover but i think this model does not have a sim card and is built in as it only has micro sd slot. how do i go about adding a line to my account and activating this phone.

There might be a problem with the MEID if the phone was lost, stolen, or not deactivated by the previous owner. Click on Help at the top of this page and be sure to include the phone’s MEID to RW can check it for you.

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