Add an old phone for child. Help needed please

I recently got a new Republic phone. I would like to give my old phone to my daughter to use on a trip. I haven’t deleted everything or reset it and don’t have time to right now.
How would I activate it as is?
Can I change that phone number without affecting my new phone, since they will be using the same account (email, etc)?

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can offer.

Hi @sharonp.t64hej!

First off, you will be able to get a new number even though they have the same email, etc.

So have you moved your number and everything to the new phone? If so, the next step kind of depends on which phone you want to activate for your daughter (the old one). If it’s a Defy XT then I don’t believe it can be reactivated. If it’s a Moto E1 or E2, a Moto G1 or G3, or Moto X1 or X2, all you have to do is open the Republic app, sign in, and choose the option to add a line (or use a new number). If it’s not one of those, you need to purchase a SIM card. Then you will be able to open the Republic app and choose the option to add a line (or a new number). You may want to check your coverage first prior to buying a SIM. I hope that helps!


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As long as the old phone is not a Defy XT, it can be reactivated by turning it on in an area with good wifi. Activation should begin automatically, but if not, open the Republic app. You can find the activation flow here:

The phone will be assigned new phone number when activation completes.

If the old phone has been deactivated more than 20 days, and it’s one of the new phones then you will need a new SIM. If it’s less than 20 days, you can reuse the SIM in the phone.

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Oh, and if your device needs a SIM card and you decide to “purchase” a SIM card, Republic is actually offering a free SIM card, free shipping, and free service for one month.

Thank you for the responses.
The old phone is a Moto G (1st Gen, I think). I bought it from Republic years ago so I don’t think I need a Sim card. I did switch my phone number to the new phone. I don’t remember deactivating the old phone. Does it deactivate automatically?

Yep! As soon as the new phone is activated and the number moved, it is automatically deactivated.

The phone is trying to activate but it is failing. I’m not sure what’s wrong.

To clarify its the cell configuration that’s failing. The phone was activated successfully.

Try these steps:

We powered the phone off &on many times. No success.
We drove into town and connected to a different Wi-Fi network. No success.

Please make sure your phone is connected to wifi and follow these steps:

1, Open the dialer (phone icon) and on the keypad enter: * #* #8647#* # * (Do not hit enter after this sequence)

  1. Wait a minute for a solid arc to appear at the top of your phone. If that does not happen, turn the phone off and then back on.

  2. Ensure the phone is still connected to wifi.

  3. Open the Settings app, then System Update

  4. Tap Update Profile.

  5. Restart the phone by turning it off and then back on again.

  6. When the update finishes tap OK. (Please note any errors.)

Since you didn’t factory reset the phone, you probably need to do a carrier wipe. Try dialing ##72786#. This will remove the cellular carrier settings from the phone and force an activation, but will not delete any of your user files or apps.

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