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Got the email today about the SIM card for tablets.My question is can I drop my internet service and just use your service.

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Hi @joer.f1rlde and welcome to the Community!

Would you be kind enough to give us some more detail on this email? Republic did for a brief period of time offer a data only SIM, however, that experiment has ended. More on that here: New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no current plans to revive this. For now, Republic offers service for certain Android phones only. Its My Choice plans are described here: Plans – Republic Wireless.


Good Morning @joer.f1rlde,

I believe we may have some confusion here (at least on my part). You title your post “Add a line”, yet your initial question mentions receiving an email regarding a SIM card for tablets. You then post about adding a phone in this thread regarding Republic’s now discontinued data SIM: New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card.

We’d love to help but want to be certain we’re helping with the right thing. To help us best help you; is the additional line intended for a phone, a tablet, both? Please let us know and we’ll take it from there.


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