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Any comment on ever adding Apple phones to RW?



Late last year Republic CEO made a statement in a 3rd party podcast that iPhones may be coming out later in 2018
So we are in a wait and see for iPhone support [I personally believe this would first come thought the Republic anywhere app calling feature]



thanks for your answer, appreciate it.

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I’m not sure that he actually said “iPhones,” I think it was more of an “iPhone centric” comment. We’ll all just have to wait and see what actually happens.

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If this all sounds great to you, but you’re still not psyched to jump to a carrier without the iPhone, Chuang has some good news for you: On the podcast he reveals Republic Wireless will offer an iPhone in 2018. He just didn’t say which one.

He does say there will be a iPhone offering 2018. iPhones discussed 12:30-13:20.

And we’ll still wait and see.




Is there an update on this for RW adding iPhones to the list ? Thank You.



but if it happens you will find it in the news section

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I’d like to know what the plans are because I want to switch to Apple for privacy reasons, which means, I will have to switch carriers…to bad.



I think the answer is the same as it was 6 months ago. No one who knows is saying and anyone who’s saying doesn’t know. There’s simply no news if or when iPhones will come to Republic.

As far as Privacy goes, I’m not sure I’m any more comfortable sharing everything about me with Apple than I am with Google, and since I use Google’s services anyway (Chrome, Gmail, etc) I’d just be adding another company that has all my info (Apple) rather than making anything more private.

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Thanks for your response. I am reading “Zucked” and he paints a nicer picture of apple than he does of google. It appears that Mint Mobile is comparable in price and accepts iphones



They certainly have attractive pricing (if you’re willing to pay in advance for 3 or 12 months on a non-refundable basis). Be aware that they do not offer any voice/text roaming so in areas where T-Mobile (their partner) does not have coverage, you’ll be completely without service (other than 911 calls).



thanks for your advice. t-mobile’s coverage around me is excellent. i wish i knew what republic’s plans were, but evidently they aren’t moving to apple any time soon.


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