ADD DATA NOW to "WiFi and Cell Talk and Text" plan


For the three or four years that I’ve had Republic my plan has been “WiFi and Cell Talk and Text”. So no data included in that. I would really like to get data today, but the Republic app says that my plan won’t allow for adding data on the spot. I would have to change my plan and then wait for October 12th (2 weeks away). Anybody know if there’s another option?


Sound like you tapping the we have new plans in the manage account area of the Republic 2.0 app, this is to move you from 1.0 type plans to 2.0 Republic Refund plans which must start on your billing cycle [refund plan is $10 base and $7.50 for 0.5 GB or $15 for 1 GB of data, where 1.0 plans are $10 for WiFi and cell talk and text or $25 for that and access to 5GB of 3G data or $40 for that and 4G LTE data]
If you already submitted a request to move to the 2.0 plans you need to cancel that before changing to a 1.0 plan with data
To change plans one a 1.0 plan one taps the current plan in the manage account part of the Republic app [and not the we have new plans]

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