Add Legacy APP DRAWER to Moto G5 Plus


Good Morning Republic Community. Just received 2 new Moto G5 Plus phones to upgrade from my old 2nd Generation phones. I’ve migrates and sync’d everything, made all the “personal” setting changes and am thrilled with the camera and photo quality.

I searched Google and the Republic forums but still have a question - not a big deal but old habits die hard.

  1. Can I add or retrieve the old App Drawer Icon for the home page. It was the white circle with 6 dots (2 rows of 3) ?

Thanks in advance for your help !





Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give it a try. Thought I had these phones pretty stable but now I think I’ve done something that resulted in System Upgrade Notification no less than every 45 mins. Might have to reset and migrate/sync again. Thanks again, Scott


Hi @scotth.ywy8nj,

There may just be several updates to work through. New out-of-the-box phones arrive with the manufacturer’s original operating system on them, and sometimes have a bit of catching up to do.

Other than the change to the apps drawer button, what do you think of the new phones? Do you have cases for them?


Thanks for checking in. All new devices can be laborious when setting up (a task some enjoy but I’ve never relished). So far I am impressed with the phone. I think some shortcomings might be from the Lenovo vs. Motorola (like the old migrate feature). Can’t imagine what motivated them to drop that. Seems like that would promote some people to buy another Moto vs any other brand. My last gripe might be with Republic and not Moto… the WiFi notification comes up every time the phone wakes from sleep. Trying to disable that now but doesn’t look possible. Thanks again for your help. Scott


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