Add line to existing legacy account?

I’ll need to add a new line to our account soon. We have 3 lines right now. I’m seeing a message that accounts can only have 2 lines. Are we no longer able to add phones to an existing account?

Hi @dobberrw,

New plans are capped at two lines per account. You would need to create a new account for the additional line.

So does this effect the account with 3 lines?

Unless you wish to move any of those lines to a new plan, no.

A lot of RW customers have more than 2 lines per account. This seems like a step back when it comes to managing an account with several lines. Can I still move an existing line to a new phone? I have 2 new phones and 2 new RW sims that were going to be gifts and now it’s not clear if that will work.

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Yes, but it’s a bit complicated.

The new SIMs you have can no longer be activated. If the phones being replaced are using GSM SIMs, the existing SIMs may be moved to the new phones. If uncertain whether the phones being replaced are provisioned with GSM or CDMA SIMs, here’s how to find out:

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So RW just recently sent me 2 new GSM sim cards - those are now unusable is what you are saying?

One of the lines I need to migrate to a new phone is on a CDMA sim and an annual plan and I was about to migrate to the new GSM sim. It sounds like you are saying existing CDMA lines are not able to be migrated to new phones while retaining the existing plan?

Correct, with this morning’s announcements, those GSM SIMs may no longer be activated. Ideally, you would have been advised of the need to activate those SIMs immediately upon receipt. Were you not?

Is there a particular reason for moving the phone from CDMA to GSM? T-Mobile does intend to shut down Sprint’s LTE network as of June 30, 2022 but no immediate action is necessary.

Because, unlike their GSM cousins, CDMA SIMs do no move from one phone to the next, you are correct.

No, I don’t believe there was any notice given that the new sims RW shipped me would soon be unusable.

The CDMA phone is my sons, he is getting a new phone as a gift so I can’t activate it prior to the gifting. That sort of thing happens a lot this time of year. It could stay as CDMA but it sounds like new CDMA sims are probably not being issued either? I thought RW said that old plans would be grandfathered, did that only apply if you don’t get a new phone?

Side question, what is the logic behind introducing a 2 phone per account limit? That seems to only create headache without any obvious benefit for the customer or the company.

The dilemma is the CDMA (legacy Sprint) network is in the process of going away. At this point, no one is activating new phones on that network. Already active GSM SIMs may be moved among My Choice compatible phones but active CDMA SIMs may not. It’s a limitation of CDMA technology. Republic is grandfathering My Choice plans and folks are free to move active GSM SIMs among compatible phones but with CDMA’s technology limits regarding moving active SIMs there’s really nothing Republic is able to do on that.

Which phone did you purchase for your son? It’s likely compatible with Republic’s new plans (and SIM).

I believe it’s intended for marketing simplicity but I am decidedly not a marketing expert.

in my option looking at the rebranding today it looks like Republic is targeting the older (55+) crowd and see them as empty nesters who don’t need more that 2 lines

I have 2 new Moto G Power 2021 phones that I need to get up are running for my kids. One for the existing CDMA line, one was to be a new line. Is RW shipping out new sims yet for the new plans? Seems this is my only path forward with RW.

Would that work? Set up a new RW account for 2 lines, one line will be an existing RW line and one would be a new line. I would want the existing line to stay active until I get new sims and can transfer the line.

Republic’s online store is back and selling new Republic SIMs. As I understand it, what you propose will indeed work. Upon receipt of the new SIMs, you would activate the new line and move the other line by porting the number from the current to new Republic account. The latter is new functionality.

This creates a jarring transition on existing customers with more than 2 lines that have been with this service for many years. Imagine a 55+ couple deciding to not go with RW because they allow more than 2 lines on the account. If someone needs that level of simplicity they are going to have fun with this part


You do have a point but manual APN entry applies only to bring your own phone. I suspect those 55+ who want simplicity will, generally, just buy their phone from Republic.

unless they are bring a phone they already have from another carrier (why buy a new phone when you already have one that will work

I fully agree with you it seems like marketing pushed to have it this way

And now the new SIMs are backordered. Guess I need to start looking for another provider that can support adding lines.

Hi @dobberrw,

This is day one for the new store. I’m confident the backordered SIM status will be short-lived.

And, Republic is perfectly capable of supporting additional lines just not more than two in the same account. For what it’s worth, that’s not a restriction unique to Republic. There are other providers with similar restrictions. For example, my understanding is Visible allows one phone per account.

That’s a fair statement, but if one was trying to differentiate ones self from the competition, it would make more sense to fix the internal IT issue rather than saying “well, everyone does this too”.

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