Add simultaneous ring feature to Republic Wireless

I am switching my landline home phone to Republic Wireless but will miss the use of NoMoRobo which eliminates robo calls. NoMoRobo uses a feature called simultaneous ring to automatically block those annoying calls.

Vonage and other Voip networks have that feature. What can we do to get Republic Wireless to add the feature to their network?


Hi @geoffrey.moulton,

You’ve pretty much done that which can be done by starting this thread. Others to whom simultaneous ring is important are encouraged to chime in with commentary or by liking your thread. Either will give Republic some indication of relative interest in the subject.

You’re quite correct Vonage and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers offer simultaneous ring. That said, Republic’s network isn’t pure VoIP. Rather Republic blends the VoIP network of its former corporate parent with the networks of one of two cellular network partners. I don’t know support of simultaneous ring in this blended environment is as straightforward as with pure VoIP.

Meanwhile, Nomorobo has brought its service to Android in the form of a beta:


Thanks for adding your voice to the forum … hopefully other readers with the same concerns/wants will add their like to your thread to provide a level of quantification that would be necessary to move this ahead in any development cycle

Hi @geoffrey.moulton,
I have Nomorobo on 3 cell lines right now. I have seen less calls to my phones. When configuring I list the phone company as Sprint wireless. I figured RW was a MVNO of Sprint so it was worth a try. It accepted the number that way but if you put it in as an Other phone it gets rejected.

thanks for the info about how you set NoMoRobo up. I am using the new RW service so i will try setting up as t mobile.

I have been using NoMoRobo on my landline be for years and have doubts it reliable and invaluable in the fight against callers, including political, who ignore the do not call lists. Since I am moving my landline number to Republic I need to continue the service.

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Are you using Nomorobo’s Android app? Otherwise, while one can indeed tell Nomorobo one is using a different service provider, in and of itself, that won’t tell Republic to send calls to Nomorobo as well as one’s Republic phone.

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