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I have a new MotoG5+, and I cannot add my yahoo email account. I was hoping this would have migrated over when I changed from my piece of junk motoG4. I keep receiving incorrect password msg.

Please advise, this is my main email acct. :frowning:
thank you

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The question I have is, add your Yahoo email account to what? I use Yahoo mail on my phone through the Yahoo Mail app. If you have a password or authentication problem, you’ll need help from Yahoo.


Ok. I want to add Yahoo email on my MotoG5+ cell phone along with Comcast and Google…which I have installed with no problems. I don’t have a “password problem” with anything else…just this new MotoG5+ cell phone. I had it on the MotoG4, and I use the Yahoo password with everything else.

You know what, just nevermind…I will google it. Your answer seemed condescending to me, I don’t need that.

Thank you for your reply.

What he was asking is add the email to what?
There are many things and apps that one could use such info in.
We would need more information if we are gonna try to assist you.

If you are just trying to use an email app to check your email, then the app would have its own “Add account” option built in. For Yahoo, you may have to select “other account” and input the server and login info manually.

I am not sure what the default mail app is in Moto phones, probably gmail. That app does support other accounts.

What @cbwahlstrom was suggesting is the easiest and most straightforward solution, considering the info given, to install the Yahoo Mail app…if that what your end goal is…to check your Yahoo email.

I personally use a standalone maill app, TypeMail, that supports pretty much every account type out there.

Thank you for explaining. I guess I thought I WAS clear, since I said I already have Gmail (which I think is default.). HOWEVER, I also have Comcast AND as I previously stated,I had Yahoo on the G4. I’m not a fan of a lot of apps on my phone. I did go to *add account" & that’s where I got stuck. So, if I don’t want/need an app for Yahoo email, what info do you need from me. BTW,RW has ALWAYS helped me get where I need to be…in the past. Please, let me know SPECIFICALLY what info you need. Thanks

If you are wanting to add your Yahoo email account to your gmail app, these instructions I found should help.

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Thank You

This is as far as I can get. I guess you’ve figured it out by now, I’m really no good at technology. That’s why I’m so thankful for RW community support and Google/you tube. Haha. Thanks

And I receive this email, but I don’t know how to access Yahoo email from my motog5+…ack!


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I think something is wrong with Yahoo…

I tried to create a Yahoo Mail account via their website and through the gmail app, but I get a Web Server Error page trying to do so.

Sorry I can not help any further. I don’t use Yahoo or the gmail app.
But it seems there may be an issues with Yahoo mail at the moment that is preventing you adding the account.
I would contact Yahoo support.

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Worse case…u can just use the web browser(Chrome) and log into the webmail of Yahoo mail.


I use Yahoo and Gmail on my PC’s and only Gmail on mobile. Yahoo mail can really be a pain sometimes, but like you indicate in the next post, if I need to check Yahoo on mobile I just login through the Chrome browser.

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I recently went through an ordeal with Yahoo mail. Kept telling me “incorrect password” although I’ve been using Yahoo since my first PC…(1998?)…anyway, I would go through the password reset, with the one I wanted to use, and it would tell me…

"You cannot use your previous password". What?. I tried modifying it only to get… “Your password is too similar to your previous one”. Seriously?.

I’ve since reset it to one I know I won’t forget, and could not post on a family oriented forum if I wanted to.


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Not to sound offensive…but I can’t believe people still are using Yahoo these days. ESPECIALLY after all the multiple data breaches they had.

I also am dumbfounded that people still use AOL email as well…

Today, If u use Android, you should use Gmail. If u use iPhone, then u should use Apple Mail.

My advice to folks to make life much easier, consolidate.
Go in either set gmail to import your other email accounts, or go into your other email accounts and set permanent forward to your gmail.

Then you only have one account/app to deal with.


Yahoo’s data breaches were exposed. That not to say it doesn’t extend to other e-mail providers. They just may not have been disclosed yet. I feel the same way every time they find a new Android vulnerability. Just because they found one, it doesn’t mean there aren’t 100 others lying in wait of being discovered by one of the data security sleuths.

I’ve been using Yahoo e-mail since it was in beta. It’s not my primary e-mail, but it still is the e-mail account I use for eBay, Amazon, and a lot of other services that were around before Gmail existed.


Thank you

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Thank you! I was thinking along the same lines. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I don’t truly feel secure with any of them. I can access yahoo from a different direction, I just like the convenience of being able to have all my accounts in the same area.

Thanks to all for your responses, advice and opinions, btw SpeedingCheetah, I was not offended. :wink::kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks, Southpaw…my bad,

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