Adding a Google (or Other) Account to an iOS Device

With the public release of Republic Anywhere for iOS, I thought a walkthrough for adding one’s Google account to an iOS device might be helpful. As best I’m able to determine, unlike the Anywhere desktop apps, Anywhere for iOS integrates with the contacts stored or synced to one’s iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch). For most of us, the contacts on our Republic phones are synced with our Google Account, so it makes sense to add that same account to our iOS devices. Here’s how:

Locate, then tap the Settings app.

Scroll to, then tap Contacts.

Tap Accounts.

Tap Add Account.

Tap Google.


Sign into your Google Account.



Verify the toggle for Contacts is on. By default, Mail and Calendars will also be toggled on. You may optionally toggle those off and/or toggle Notes on. Tap Save upper right.

You’ll see that your Google Account has been added and (presuming only one Google account on your iOS device) will be titled Gmail.

If you wish to change the title to something else:

Tap Gmail.

Tap Account.

Tap Description.


Edit as desired, then tap Done upper right.

Astute observers will note step 5 offers a choice of accounts in addition to Google. The process for adding these is substantially the same as that for adding a Google account. These contacts would be available to Anywhere for iOS as well as will any contacts stored locally and/or synced with Apple’s iCloud.

For those wanting to move contacts from a Republic phone to an iOS device without involving anyone’s cloud; this app will do the trick. It’s as simple as emailing yourself an attached file.




I just set up Republic Anywhere on our iPad using the method described above. The numbers appear but not the names or photos so it’s not too useable. Now I am wondering whether I should have simply used the method described here:

which I gather simply puts a copy of the existing Google Contacts file on the iPad instead of linking the iPad to my Google account, which I realize would not update on the iPad when contacts are added or numbers changed, but I am willing to accept that if it will at least give me names and photos in Anywhere on the iPad instead of just numbers.

But my question is, if I do that now, after having already linked the Google account, will I be loading up a duplicate display of everything?

Is there a better solution?

Hi @nathans.muyejm,

The method outlined in the Republic Help Center article you referenced should work but then so should have adding your Google account to the iPad.

It’s quite possible if you mix and match methods to end up with duplicate contact records on your iPad.

If you open the Contacts app on your iPad rather than Republic Anywhere, do you see your Google contacts (with names) there?


If you open the Contacts app on your iPad rather than Republic Anywhere, do you see your Google contacts (with names) there?

No I do not. Only see text messages in Anywhere on the iPad, with phone numbers but no names and no photos.
Also, it looks like the other method above only would work when setting up a new iPad.
Also, I tried exporting the contacts from the Mac and emailing them to the iPad, but I cannot find any method for importing the vcf file into the iPad’s Contacts file.

Hi @nathans.muyejm

I understand you’re seeing numbers only within the Anywhere app. I asked specifically if you see your Google accounts contacts in the native iOS Contacts app (not Anywhere). If not, it indicates your Google account contacts aren’t syncing with the iPad. Are you certain, you’re using the same Google account that’s in use on your Republic phone? Other possibilities are the contacts on your phone aren’t being synced to your Google account or you missed a step in the instructions above.

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate you sticking with me to get this problem solved. I did understand your question but I see that my reply was ambiguous and that I ran together two different facts, and for which I apologize.

I am not seeing my Google contacts in the native ios Contacts app.
I am certain that I am using the same Google account that is in use on the subject Republic phone.
However, I am not clear on which of the two sets of instructions above you are referring to when you suggest that I might have missed a step.
Since I am so frustrated now with linking the Google account to the iPad,
I would like to try the alternate method of just importing the Google Contacts cards into my iPad Contacts file but, having emailed the Google Contacts to the iPad, I cannot figure out how to import it into my iPad Contacts file. (But see next paragraph***)

***JUST TO CLARIFY, I do have the Google account added to the iPad, and I do have that account selected for Contacts, but when I open Contacts on the iPad, it says “No Contacts.” If I can solve this problem, I would prefer the live link method over just importing Google’s cards. Maybe I am not executing “Fetch” correctly?

just to confirm the contacts are actually on the google account do you see them when you go to this page on a computer?

Yes all the Google contacts appear on that page - just double-checked.

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Incidentally, I also tried using Google’s app-specific password system as per:

but when app-specific Google passwords were rejected by Google on the iPad, I researched that further and discovered they were phased out in Google’s more recent collaboration with Apple on the iPad, and so I went back to Google’s regular account password to add the Google account successfully back onto the iPad, but the Google contacts still refuse to show up in iPad Contacts.

I am wondering if there are any other iPad users who have encountered this problem?

I remember when I first installed Anywhere on my Mac the contact names and photos wouldn’t show up there either, but about 3 versions later in Anywhere they began showing up, so I wonder whether this could be a problem inherent within the ios version of Anywhere which needs to be fixed by the Anywhere programmers; or, on the other hand, are there other iPad users out there for whom the Anywhere app is working just fine off Google’s Contacts? If so, did they implement it in some other way I haven’t yet tried?

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