Adding a line and swapping numbers


Current phone: Moto X 1st gen
Current Plan: 1.0 Unlimited

I want to do two things: (1) port my landline number to my existing phone and plan; (2) port my existing republic wireless number to a new line on the same plan. I got one of those 6-month deals from B&H. I want to use that for my new line.

I would like to do this in this order because I’ve been on Republic since the beta days and I really want to keep the 1.0 plan.

I know how to do #1, so my question is related to how to do #2. If I drop my existing number while I port my landline to my existing phone/plan, and I then open a new line (which always starts with a random phone number), will I be able to pick it back up on my new phone? How?

I have already checked and my landline is port-able.

Thanks for any help you can offer.



The best way to do this to ensure you keep your 1.0 plan is to activate the new phone and THEN port your land line to the new phone.

Once that is done, open a help ticket and ask them to swap the two phone numbers.



I don’t think you’ll get the 6 month free service if you move your current line to the new phone as that service is for the new line (your current number is an old line)
I would port the landline number to the new phone for the 6 months and then have Republic support swap the numbers



Good catch @drm186!



Thanks for your help! I’ll give that a go.



You may want to confirm with a help ticket if such a swap does not invalidate your promotion before you initiate the swap.

When I had a 6-month promo on one of my lines, I was advised not to do any number swaps on
that line while the promotion was active as that could potentially cancel the promotion.

Just to be clear…porting your landline over to the default number assigned upon activation to the new line should be fine and have no impact on the promotion.

However, a subsequent request to swap numbers with an already active line can be a potential red flag with billing.


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