Adding another person to my plan_feasible?

94 year old Mom is looking forward to getting her first cell phone.
She dos not live at my residence.
Is it feasible or worthwhile to add another phone to my plan for her. My plan is the $20 a mo., 1 GB unlimited talk and text. I never have to purchase additional data. She has no access to wifi, nor would not be feasible to have wifi in her home. She would use this phone for talk only at about 8-10 short phone calls a month. She also does not wish to text.

If this would be workable - can you recommend a simple phone with big numbers?

Is it just as simple and reliable to do the Jitterburg Flip phone - its $50 with $15 a month plus tax for 250 talk only minutes.

Thank you for your ideas.

It’s not possible to share your plan with your mom. It would be possible to house a second phone for her in your Republic account but the phone would need its own plan. Republic does not offer currently family plans.

This might be a deal breaker. Access to WiFi is not necessary to use a phone with Republic. Access to WiFi is required to activate a phone with Republic. At times, troubleshooting potential service issues with the phone might require WiFi access also.

Republic’s pricing for unlimited talk and text (which you suggest would not be needed) is the same $15/month. The least expensive new Republic compatible phone currently is the $149 Moto E. All Republic compatible phones are Android smartphones. There are simplified launchers one might use to hide the complexity, however, it’s still an Android smartphone under the hood.

Of course, it’s up to you and mom but my sense is mom would, perhaps, be better served with a feature phone (a/k/a dumbphone) with another service provider.

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Thanks for helping me think through this situation. Your explanations are a big help.
I did a bit more research - have decided to go with Consumer Cellular - they have two simple flip “senior” phones and cost is reasonable same as the Jitterbug.
Appreciate the help a lot.


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