Adding data one time

can you add data more than once if you are on a no data plan

Short answer is yes.
If you are on the My Choice Plan, you can add up to 15 GB by following the procedure in this help article.


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That’s an interesting question! It’s called one-time data simply to contrast it against recurring data and try to make clear that when you make a one-time data purchase, you’re not signing up to buy that amount of data every month. It is not meant to suggest that you can only make such a purchase once, though I can definitely see why the name might give you that impression.

I wonder what other possible names for one-time data might help avoid this confusion? :thinking:

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Typically, I describe it as “as needed data”. Perhaps, however, someone else might do better…

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How about ‘Top-Up’?

To me that suggests more like buying 1gb of data usable until it runs out rather than data that expires on the next billing cycle.

Thank you Majorninth for responding I have to agree with you

Thank you southpaw your help was appreciated and it did clarify things for me.

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Thank you again southpaw I think the as needed data works pretty good. I was concerned that I could only do it once then they would switch my plan to data. I only need it temporarily as I have no internet at the moment going through some life changes all the responses to my question were appreciated. Keep up the good work it really helps people like me that doesn’t totally understand.

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I doubt you are going to find the perfect phrase.
It might be helpful to add clarifying language in the help doc referenced above.
The Additional Notes section…could be rephrased…
Data can be added multiple times in a given billing cycle up to 15 GBs per service line


That was kind of what I was trying to demonstrate by asking :smiling_imp: … sometimes it seems like no matter how clear something is to person A, it can create confusion for person B.

Good idea! I’ve changed the line about multiple data purchases to read:

  • Data can be added multiple times per billing cycle up to 15 GBs per service line

and on bullet before that, where it said how to adjust recurring data, I’ve added some additional assurance:

  • One-time data purchases do not change future months’ data amounts. To change your recurring monthly data amount, see How to Change Your Plan

Great idea for change in verbiage. Thank you all for the help!

My biggest thing was clarifying that if you buy more data, if you don’t use it, you lose it at the end of the month. I have had to explain that to my daughter that it no longer carries over like it used to.

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