Adding data to other users in my account

It would be thoughtful if Republic would allow the primary account holder to add data to all phones in an account using their desktop login. Only being able to do this from the subject phone is frustrating for me. There are times when my Grandkids get careless, and I get a notice about data usage that would prompt me to add data and I can’t.

I know the answer is for them to be more responsible, but for me the answer would be to just get it done myself. I prefer to keep it artificially low to encourage thrift, and most times it works,


Hi @tomd !

Absolutely agree. We’re looking at ways to improve the multi-line experience internally, and this is one of the top pain points we’re looking to solve.

Appreciate your feedback - look for an announcement on changes coming to your account portal soon!


Yes! Also would be great if I could see data usage for all phones under my plan without having to check on the actual phone device. ( For kids phones)


I guess we can agree that the web application could be more robust. Republic puts a lot of effort into making the phone experience better, but the desktop is kind of clunky, and 20th century, and I’m very 20th century, so I would know…:wink:

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Thank you Khalifa, I appreciate the encouraging response, and am glad that you anticipated my request.

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Yep, just got a text from my son asking if he could buy another gig, but he is in a different county…the only way to purchase data is to make him wait a few days, or
give him my account credentials, frustrating to say the least.



That’s the other rub, I’m not happy about giving a 13 year old my password. The alternative it to buy a lot of data and pay up front, which kind of defeats the purpose.


Hi @c1tobor and @tomd,

Until we get this options available in the desktop, don’t forget you can also request a data purchase by support ticket. So if giving your account credentials is not something you’re comfortable with, please open a ticket and let our support team add a GB for with your approval.

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Thanks for the info Southpaw. It is good to have that option, even if it is a little cumbersome…:slight_smile:

You’re welcome, and I completely understand. I have two daughters away in college, so I’m eagerly awaiting this feature, too.

I do remember this option now that you mentioned it. Which category should we submit the request to?. I assume “billing” but not sure.


The “My Account” category has an option for Data usage and plan questions


Add more Data gives me How to Add Data to a Republic Refund (2.0) Plan – Republic Help

I thought the process was clunky, but I now realize it’s a convoluted mess. I keep going in circles learning how “I” can buy a GB for my phone, just not a different one on my account.

Please select “Change a family member’s plan”

Then, since we already know there’s no way for you to change that plan without the phone in hand, skip reading the recommended document, and select “I still need help.”

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OK, I took the other path. I now have two open tickets, one in Billing, and one in My Account?.

( I also found the “old school” submit ticket form…but left that alone for now.)


My tickets were merged into one, I believe the “Change plan for another person” was merged into the original Billing request.

Support’s process is to merge newer tickets into older ones. The ticket can then be re-assigned to the appropriate team. Adding data is not a billing issue, and I’d be very surprised :exploding_head: if your ticket remained in that queue.

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