Adding data without access to phone?



Is there any way to add data to a phone under my account without having access to the phone itself?

I’m the account owner/manager and I have given phones to family members that do not live close by. The instructions to add data assume I have access to the phone and can login as the account owner. In this case I don’t have access to the phone and the person that does isn’t the account owner, so they won’t know my login details.


Hi @damianw,

Whether this is possible depends on the brand, model and generations of the phones in question. May we know that information?


The phone in question is a 1st generation Moto G, it’s on the Base Plan with 0.5 GB of cellular data.


Hi @damianw,

In that case, what you ask is indeed possible. Officially the means of doing so is via another Republic phone as described by Republic here: How to Change Your Plan – Republic Help.

You may find using this undocumented and unsupported website easier:


Thank you @rolandh! I was able to add additional data using the webview website.


Hi rolandh,

Maybe I don’t have the right kind of phone, but I have had exactly the same problem with my account. The phone my son uses (Moto G5+) needed additional data during the month, the only way to accomplish that was to open a ticket - as indicated on the page you linked to first. There are no options I could find on my phone’s RW app to change the plan of a different line than the one in my hand.

If the other undocumented and unsupported website you also linked to is being developed to solve this problem, great! Because the three times I had to open a ticket to accomplish this the customer service people I chatted with all agreed this was not a smart nor good way to do this common task.


Hi @clint_s,

I’m afraid your experience is the expected with Republic’s new 3.0 phones. Republic has not yet developed a self-service solution to allow account owners to remotely add data to these phones. The undocumented website I referenced works only for legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) and is not being further developed. In fact, it might stop working at all at some future date, which is why I refer to it as both undocumented and unsupported.

The logical place to add the functionality that you (and I) would like to see is Republic’s My Account portal. I believe one day that will happen but today is not that day. Also please know Republic’s Ambassadors are members just like you. We are not Republic staff, so I have no direct inside information.


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