Adding Moto G6 Storage

I want to buy an additional SIM card for my Moto G6 phone. Do I need to do anything special or is it sufficient just to buy one that is compatible with my phone?

Hi @candeeb.pkjyof and welcome to the Community!

Out of curiosity, what is the reason for wanting an additional SIM card for your Moto G6? Is the additional SIM to be a Republic SIM also? If so, is it intended to be an additional line of service or just to have as a backup?

Or, are you wanting to use a different provider’s (other than Republic) with your Moto G6?

I just want more memory so I can move my music to the SIM card, etc.

Hi @candeeb.pkjyof,

There is no user content stored on a smartphone’s SIM. All that’s stored there is the information needed to connect to a cellular network. In other words, a SIM card is not a memory card intended to increase a phone’s storage.

What you want for your Moto G6 is a MicroSD card. You may indeed use a MicroSD card with your Moto G6. Motorola’s guidance for using a MicroSD card with a Moto G6 is linked here:

Thank you very much for the info!


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