Adding ring tone


I have downloaded a ringtone. I go to settings-sounds-ringtone and select “add from phone” I select the one I downloaded. It doesn’t show up on the list of ringtones and my phone doesn’t use that when I get a call. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @arthurl.iqfseb
It’s a crapshoot guess without more info like what phone , plan, app you downloaded the ringtone from? Zedge usually works when downloading, also finding the Ringtone in ES file explorer helps too.


Sorry; forgot to mention that it is a Samsung S7. Downloaded ringtone from email.


Try this:

You can use an app or you can use the phone’s file system:

Go to Settings
Device Maintenance
Tap on 3 dots in upper right corner
Tap on Storage Settings
Tap on Internal storage
Tap on Explore

If you saved it to Internal storage, in all probability it’s in Download
Tap on Download
Find your music file and long press it so a little check mark appears to the left
Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
Tap on Move OR Copy
Tap on Internal Storage
Scroll down to Ringtones and tap on it
Tap on Done!

Now that you moved the music file to Ringtones you should be able to set the ringtone.

I hope this helped :slight_smile:


Thanks; it worked.


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