Adding second phone to same account

  1. I currently have a Moto E 1st Gen @ $10 / month. Can I add a second Moto E to the same account and get the $10 per month rate for the second phone (phone from another source)?

  2. A family member has a Moto G @ $13 / month. Can a Moto E be added to the account to receive $10 / month for that phone on the same account?

  3. If #1 and #2 above are allowed, please list the models and generations of phones that can use the original $10/ month phone plan. This plan is cell only, no data and was an earlier plan offered that is not offered on the new phones from RW.

  4. Thanks in advance.

Any Republic legacy phone can use a $10 no data Republic 2.0 plan [legacy phones are the Custom ROM Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, G3]
These 2.0 $10 plans will still have tax that would need to be added so they are $10+tax
A $13 plan would most likely be a plan that includes data but can or one that is tax at about $3.

As all legacy phones are well out of production one needs to find them on the aftermarket

The main question is can a legacy phone be added to an existing phone plan, meaning can one account have more than one phone with different phone plans?

In a word, yes. Each phone (and its corresponding plan) are independent even when housed in the same account.

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