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We are finally getting our sons phones. They will be 14 in a few weeks are the last of their friends without phones.
I have decided on the Moto E5 Play. (I have Moto G5 Plus). I will be ordering it from Motorola as I can get a student discount (currently in grad school) rather than buying through Republic.
I have many questions and cannot find answers on the website here.
Obviously, I will order SIM cards from Republic. How do I get the phone numbers? Is that part of the set up of the phones? I have no clue how this works and how do i make sure the numbers are associated with my account and not a new one? Thank you for your assistance!

A phone number is issued during activation, which is done from the phone’s themselves.

You’ll do this by signing in to the Republic App on your new phone using the credentials for your existing Republic account.


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