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I am currently on the all wifi plan and am considering adding 1 GB of data/month. My purpose is to play music, podcasts etc in my vehicle. Will this be a sufficient amount of data considering my driving habits are average, i.e. 10,000-12,000/yr? -Thank you.

Hi @happilyretirerd,

It would have more to do with the amount of time it takes to drive those 10,000 to 12,000 miles than the distance itself. Please see if this helps:

I would also point out one might start at 1 GB then add more cell data if and when needed. If more insight on that is desired, please sign into your Republic account here: Please let us know what is said under “My Plan” next to the picture of your phone?

Finally, music and podcasts may be downloaded to one’s phone when on WiFi for use in the car later without the need for cell data while in the car. Having said that, in my opinion, the availability of some cell data while in the car would be useful (for navigation as one example).


Thank you for your thorough reply. I’ll check out the hyperlinks you included in the email.

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Hi @happilyretirerd,

You’re most welcome! For the sake of clarity, please know the conversation is taking place in Republic’s Community where you posted here: Additional Data.

Though you see my reply by email and likewise are able to respond by email, Republic’s Community is a public Internet forum. Others are able to see our conversation there and may chime in.

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