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Wife wants a phone, but also using my number…possible? What plan?

Hi @williams.mdtzkb

To clarify, are you saying your wife wants a phone and you want to put it on your account?.

If you could give us a little more information like which phone/plan you have and which phone you think your wife might like we can make some suggestions accordingly.

Thanks…(and thank you @amitl).


I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish, but here’s what we do. My wife and I both have RW phones. We also have a Google Voice number (free) which is forwarded to both of our phones. When someone calls the GV number, both of our phones ring and whoever answers first gets the call. We also use the GV number as our house phone and it rings on that phone as well. The nice thing is that we can give out 1 number that rings all of our phones.


That sounds freaky. I love my wife but that is the ultimate in closeness (shivers thinking of no privacy). I am not saying anyone’s doing anything, wrong but sometimes my wife doesn’t like me talking to certain individuals, as I don’t like some of her friends either…There are people that just are people that can rub someone the wrong way, abrasive people. I am sure we all have people we don’t want to talk to…I’m thinking you can still give out the cell number of your/her phone for individual friends? What I am asking is you can still have private calls directly dialed to each of your own cell phones, not the home rolled over number? Correct??

We are basically doing as @davidw suggested, we each have our mobile numbers but we also have our old land line on Google Voice forwarded to each of our numbers, we use that number as a common contact for my son’s school, doctors and other odds contacts

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