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From what list does Anywhere draw its list of contacts? I want to edit some suffixes of some of my addressees, but when I go to my Gmail contacts and make the changes, then close Anywhere and log in again, the changes are not reflected.

Hi @philp,

It depends upon which Anywhere client you are referring to. Is it Anywhere on your Republic phone? Anywhere on another compatible device? Or, both?

Thank you for your quick response, roland. At the moment I’m using the Anywhere app on my PC.

Hi @philp,

Anywhere computer clients sync contacts with Republic’s servers. Republic’s servers in turn, sync contacts with one’s Republic phone.

You mention editing Google (Gmail) contacts. If that’s also being done on the PC, you need to make sure the changes on the PC are synced to your Republic phone. Do you see the changes made to your Google contacts in your phone’s Contacts app? If not, stop and let us know.

From there, you need to be certain your Republic phone is syncing contacts with Republic’s servers. The following may help with that:

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The changes to contacts on Gmail DO appear on my phone Anywhere app, but NOT on my PC Anywhere app.

Hi Philip,

Then, please see if the latter two resources in my previous reply help with that.

Roland, changes now show up on both devices (PC and phone). Perhaps there was just a delay in the syncing process?
Thank you for your help. Be Safe!

Very happy to hear that.

There is presumably some time interval during which an automated sync takes place, so it’s certainly a possibility. Anyway, the resources I referenced in previous replies describe how to manually sync contacts on one’s phone with Anywhere computer (Mac or PC) clients.

You’re most welcome and you also!

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