Advanced call screening

I’d like to filter all numbers except for one calling into my republic phone. the one being my gvoice number. does anyone have any ideas on how todo this?

Hi @packpace,

Republic currently offers no call filtering ability. It’s always helpful if the Community knows which phone someone has when posing a question as some Android phones offer native call blocking features others don’t.

The above said, I believe you’ll need an app to accomplish what you want to do. Extreme Call Blocker - Android Apps on Google Play looks like it might help. You’d need to whitelist your Google Voice number, then use the feature to blacklist all non-whitelist calls. There’s an free ad-supported version, Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker - Android Apps on Google Play, you might look at first. It may or may not have the whitelisting features of Extreme Call Blocker.

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