Advantage of buying a phone from RW rather than the phone vendor?

My Subject says it all. I’m curious to know what advantage(s) there is, if any, to buying a phone, a Moto X4, from RW rather than Motorola.


A couple of things: 1) When a phone comes from Republic is can be configured by Republic for either of its cellular partner (Sprint or T-Mobile). When bought from somewhere else, the SIM card you can purchase is T-Mobile only, and you would have to work with the support team to get a SIM card to move to Sprint.

Second, if you have hardware issues with the phone, and it was purchased from Republic, they can often work with you to resolve the issue (on behalf of the manufacturer).

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Good Heavens, I didn’t know that one had to buy a SIM card. How much are they? I’d choose T-Mobile over Sprint for their coverage here in Tallahassee. My 1st Gen. Moto X uses Sprint, and I occasionally lose a call.

current on Amazon Prime for $5

or from Republic for $5 plus shipping ($4 USPS)

Hi @raymondh.0fdix8,

RW is out of new Moto X4s but may have used ones available occasionally. Moto, B&H and Amazon have new ones. RW and Amazon have SIM cards.



Thank you all. I’ve been looking at Amazon’s 32 GB X4, on sale for ~$119.xx. But it comes with Alexa on by default. I’d want to disable it.

Do I have my choice of carriers, T-Mobile or Sprint (I didn’t have any choice when I got my 1st-gen. X)?

Also, if I get Amazon’s new 32GB X4, will I be able to use the $15/mo service?

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The BYOP SIMs are GSM TMo. If service isn’t satisfactory you can open a support ticket and request a CDMA SIM.

The Amazon X4 can use the My Choice $15 plan.


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