Advantages of Ascend vs Moto 4G?

Except for the price, are there any obvious reasons to buy one of these over the other?

I had an Ascend, returned it after a day. I didn’t like the interface, although the physical form factor was nice. I prefer the Moto version of Android with nearly no skin rather than the Huawei EMUI version with a drastically heavy modification of the way everything in Android works.


The G4 is a CDMA/GSM phone and possibly be a phone for Sprint 3.0

The Ascend is GSM only on the Tmobile platform and as my friend @louisdi states the Launcher EMUI isn’t something USA customers are really used to working.

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@williamb.y8qeyo ,

I’m getting used to the EMUI user interface version of Android on the Ascend. The fingerprint scanner is nice for those who routinely lock their phones. It is a thin phone compared to my X Pure. Battery didn’t last very long initially but after a factory reset and some tweaking of settings it’s lasting much longer. Planning to use it as my primary RW device for a few months since I got in on the free service offer. I would recommend it to others even at the current price with the 14 day return option. It’s a modern phone and you may love it.

As @bocephous mentioned it is a GSM only phone and does limit you to certain networks and coverage.

I have the Ascend and I plan on keeping it due to the great deal i got. Having said that, if I were paying full price I would probably go with the Moto G4.

G4 Pros:

Stock Android

Water Repellent

Slightly faster processor

Adoptive Storage

Ascend 5w pros:

Fingerprint sensor that works very well

Aluminum back (some may care about this but I don’t)

For the UI on the Ascend 5w, you can use the Google Now launcher to get the stock Android feel but I suspect EMUI uses much more space than the Google Now launcher and you can’t get that back. Also, Adoptive Storage can be enabled in the Ascend 5w, but you have to hack the phone. To be fair, the apps that were too large for me to use on my original Moto E (and could not be moved to external storage) can be moved to the SD card on the 5w so I do not need adoptive storage at the moment. I do not know if this is a Huawei adaption to Android or if more app are SD card friendly in Marshmallow.

Other intangibles to keep in mind – call quality on the 5w is excellent. Probably the best I’ve heard in any cell phone and far superior to the call quality I had with my Moto E and Defy XT. I do not know how the Moto G compares. I have no issues with WiFi/cell hand off or bonded calling on the 5w – both caused really bad audio quality on my Moto E. Also, the buttons on the Ascend 5w are very easy to push – too easy for me (I’ve accidentally restarted the phone a few times when picking it up) but some prefer easy buttons.

I hope this helps.

@drog , thanks for the info about using the Google Now Launcher. Tried it out earlier this evening and once you get GNL set up it’s easy to switch between the two. With that said, after using EMUI on the Ascend for a couple of weeks doubt I’ll be using GNL. Reminds me of using spray cans to repaint a new MB.

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