Advertisement blaring with volume turned off


Today I was in church, with the volume off, when suddenly a musical advertisement for Black Friday or Cyber Monday starts playing. I confirmed that the volume was off before going into church, and after taking my seat. The volume was definitely off! I confirmed the “slash zero” was showing at the top of the screen.

After leaving church and checking my screen, the only surprise was a page of ads for game apps. I do not have any game apps on my phone.

Moto X Gen 1, Wi-Fi was disabled at the time this happened. I have the basic plan with additional 1 GB of data.

Any ideas on what was going on? Spam from Google Play Store? Something else? How to insure this doesn’t happen again? Is Google able to override settings? Weird!


Enable airplane mode next time


Airplane model likely won’t solve the issue. This is an app that has been installed that is serving ads which are likely downloaded to the phone already and don’t need network access. Jim, can you think of an app you’ve installed recently?


To aid in tracking down when new apps or updates to existing ones were added you can look at Google Play Store/:menu: (Menu) / My apps & games /Installed tab … then sort by last updated.


Thanks! The only app I see with a recent update, that is suspicious, is Google Play Books. I don’t think I installed it because I only listen to audiobooks on my phone, I don’t read print books on my phone. I will uninstall and hope that is the source. I see other junk apps…including Google Indic Keyboard…why do they add that in?

Thanks for all the help, I’ll see if this resolves the issue!!

Best regards


I’m quite sure the culprit isn’t a Google App. It would be a 3rd party app.


Have you tried booting the phone into Safe Mode? … this will prevent all 3rd party apps (except the RW ones) from being activated … often this will help determine if the problem is being caused by an app … reboot at the end of the test period puts all back to what it was before. Always worth a shot


Thanks, I will do that!



OK, I think I’ve tracked it back to an app, as suggested. I believe it’s coming through the Podcast Addict app. I’ll switch to another podcast app.

Thanks for all the help!


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