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I’ve been a RW customer for a long time. Started with a First Gen Moto G. That phone was super basic, but worked well. Then, RW started messing with the network and the phones wouldn’t work well, dropped calls all the time, etc. So, we upgraded. I bought a Google Pixel 3 and have had it since last November. It’s an incredible CAMERA…but a horrible phone to speak on. It’s been giving me some “battery is too hot, phone will shut down” sorts of errors recently. I’ve gone back and forth with Google over the problems this phone has and finally, they are offering to either exchange the phone for a refurbished GP3 or get a full refund. I’m not super fond of getting a refurbished phone as a replacement but Google assures me it won’t have the same issues my current phone has. Can anyone tell me if the super bad call quality is related to RW or the GP3 phone itself? RW only sent me 1 type of SIM card (I think it’s CDMA, but I honestly don’t remember…the GP3 can have either CDMA or GSM, but I think RW could only supply 1 type of SIM for it). I don’t want to get another phone if it’s going to have the same problems. I would love some advice!! I would even love suggestions on different phones if you LOVE yours and it has great call quality and superb pics and video from the camera. Looking for 128 GB storage in the camera. Thanks so much!!

First off, I own a Pixel 3 and it is the best phone I have ever had. And I have had the Pixels before it. I have not had the phone overheat or display such a message before, where as in start contract, every Samsung phone I had in the past did. Call quality is also top notch. Your experience is not typical. Either you have a coverage issue, a home wifi issue, or the phone is defective in some way.

Do you have a thick case on your phone, like an otterbox? Those kind of cases can cause a phone to overheat. Do you run any apps that are resource intensive and run in the background, like games?

To be clear, RW has not “messed with the network”. RW does not own or operate a cell network. Their carrier partners do. If you using a CDMA sim card, you are on Sprint, if it is GSM, then tmobile. Coverage can vary in quality wildly. You can check what SIM type u have in the RW app under settings About,

As far as you call quality issues, have you asked here in the forums about the issues or opened a Help ticket?
It is best to take that on one thing at a time if you wish to troubleshoot.

Is the issues happening on cell or wifi?
Could you post what zip codes you have issues in?
There are user generated real world coverage maps by RootMetrics that can give insight as to what network would be best in your area, as well as the RW coverage map.
Perhaps switching to the other partner carrier would help improve things.


Call quality issues are usually related to the coverage, not the phone. Although, given the symptoms you’re describing your phone is having a series of unusual problems, so who knows. I have a Pixel 3XL and it is a fantastic phone with fantastic call quality.

Open the Republic App on your phone, click the little gear at the top and the About. What does it say there under “SIM Type”? Also, what is your ZIP code there so we can see if this may be coverage related?

Honestly, the Pixel 3/3XL are some of the best phones out there right now. You could also consider the Samsung Flagships but you’re giving up timely updates with those although you’re getting great build quality and camera quality with them.

Just chiming in to say that my Pixel 3 has great calling quality like @SpeedingCheetah and @louisdi and I agree that it’s either your network or your specific phone. Do you have any other sound/recording issues with other apps?

Thank you for the info!! OK. At least I know that it seems to be a phone issue! I do have an otterbox case, but it’s the thin clear one, not the bulky ones. In your opinion should I look for a different case? I don’t play games, but I do have maps and weather running frequently. The overheating issue usually occurs when I’m streaming video or taking video for a while. I always make sure to turn off wifi when making or receiving calls because that does seem to be an issue, but the call quality is still very choppy and digital over the cell signal (only on the other end of the phone. I can always hear the person well from my end). I DO love the phone….it’s just these 2 issues. Would you feel comfortable going with a refurbished replacement? I will look at the user-generated maps and see which network may work best for the areas I drive in. Thank you for your feedback and help!! I appreciate it very much!

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Also, I have a GSM SIM card.

I don’t have a Pixel 3 (I’m too cheap and always stay at least a generation behind), but I’ve received three different refurbished phones (two of them Pixels) from Google’s repair center as replacements for phones that have broken (all but one were user induced). All the refurbs were fine. Two of them have been in service for more than a year.

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I usually use the phone in the Jacksonville, FL and surrounding metro areas. I live in 32034 and 32097, drive often in all the zips that begin with 32_ _ _. Also drive the Southeast U.S. and many times my husband’s moto g5s plus has signal when my phone struggles. We’re all on RW. It does seem that our phones do not call each other well. He often gets my voicemail when he calls my phone and my phone never rings. We’ve tried it standing next to each other several times.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

Hi @wrc,

Let us know what phone you end up deciding on, and if it supports our CDMA SIM cards, I’ll send one out to you so you can decide for yourself which coverage best suits your needs.

I’m not sure I understand what you are describing here, we don’t “mess with the network” to disrupt our members’ call quality. Given that we rely on partnerships with two of the nation’s top four carriers, they would not keep our partnership intact for long if we managed to do something to their networks to cause such a disturbance, and doing so would be counterproductive as that would drive members away. We find our business model to be more effective when our priorities focus on member acquisition and retention rather than disruption. :wink:

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