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Hi everyone, I have been with RE for about 2 yrs. I have the moto z play. While the coverage maps shore that i should have great service, I have zero bars at my home since starting RW. Nevertheless my wife and i stuck with the service because Wi-Fi calling allowed us operability at home and when we left our home, we had decent tower connectivity. Before switching to RW, we had AT&T and always had a great signal.

Anyhow, to my question: yesterday i dropped my moto Z and the screen and digitizer are broken and inoperable. I have been looking at options for.digitizer replacement and they are very limited and all provenance seemingly DIY. With the option being to fix the screen for at least $150 plus with a questionable Chinese part and me possibly screwing up royally, I’m considering getting a new phone that may have better tower connection. From my limited reading, I have heard that some customers are able to use AT&T towers ((cdma?), Is this an option for us, and if so, does anyone have any phone recommendations? Thanks for the help in advance

Republic does NOT partner with AT&T, so AT&T coverage isn’t an option. The alternative to the partner coverage you have is Republic’s CDMA partner, Sprint. To use that coverage you’d need one of the phones that shown on this list with a “yes” under CDMA: Detailed Supported Phone Features The coverage map for the CDMA partner is shown here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

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the Moto Z Play (1st Gen) is a GSM only phone so when used on Republic would be on the GSM partner (which is T-Mobile and NOT AT&T) with that phone there is no option for using Republic CDMA partner (Sprint)

as for repair I can only recommend find a local shop (which sound like you did)
if looking for a Replacement phone with similar feel and spec I would recommend the Moto Z3 play ($499 from Republic or Motorola) or the Moto Z2 Play ($299 from Motorola) both of these phones can use CDMA (Sprint) which may have better coverage for you. (if you order from Motorola you can move the GSM SIM you have to activate the new phone and if you want to get CDMA SIM you would just open a ticket)

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