Advice needed after cracking my screen

I cracked the screen on my xt1019 Moto E phone. It worked until last week. I need to know my options on a new phone and how to recover my data and pictures. I tried to get this info a few days ago but got disconnected. Please help.

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Your pictures and contacts should be synchronized with your Google account. You can log into your Google account and verify that they are all there. If there, then they will transfer to your new phone after you enter your Google account information into the phone.

You can also transfer your photos to a computer using a USB cable. However, you may have get to the USB setting in the phone to get it to work.

Text messages will require that you download an app from Google Play store. This may be a problem if you phone’s screen doesn’t work.

Your phone choices are to buy a used phone, Republic Wireless version, from Swappa or EBay and keep your current plan. Or buy a new phone and move to one of new higher cost 3.0 plans.

If you buy the phone from Republic, the phone will be the correct model and will come with the correct SIM and cell network for your area. If you buy the phone somewhere else, you will need to make sure you have the correct model, order a SIM and you will be placed on T-Mobile’s network.

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