Advice on getting a refurb upgrade from current MotoE 'old' phone

I want a second phone with larger screen, but not all the bells and whistles, to just use as a ‘business’ phone. Also, will Republic’s finance partner lend on a refurb?

Looking for recommendations. Thanks :wink:

Hi @trader9,

While from time to time, Republic offers certified pre-owned phones (a/k/a refurbs) for sale on its website, it is not currently doing so. Republic’s financing partner Affirm lends on phones purchased from Republic and others, so unless a refurb is sourced from a third party that also works with Affirm, the answer is no.

Have you considered a third party e-commerce site that offers previously used though not necessarily refurbished phones for sale? I like Swappa.

A Moto E6 is only $99 direct from Motorola and can even be financed. You would also need to buy a SIM card.


That sounds like a pretty good deal, as I do not need the L&G. Thanks for the tip!

Ok, I bght the phone, so will that SIM you linked to, work with it?

Yes, it will.

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Please note that this new phone would be activated with the following phone plan:

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