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I am toying with the idea of upgrading my Moto X4 for a Samsung Galaxy S10. I have always loved the looks of the Galaxy phones but never wanted to spend that much money on a phone. They are currently on sale at Best Buy and I have some “extra” money and now would be the time to it if I ever would. Was wondering if anyone else has made that transition and if they felt it was worth it or if this would be a waste of money. I should note that I have only had Moto X phones since moving to a smart phone so they are all I am familiar with and my current phone isn’t really all that old. I’m basically looking because they are $200 off.

Hi @kevins.k2y5wk - I’m an old Moto person myself and don’t have any experience with the Samsung S10. Here are articles from the Tips & Tricks section with some things you should probably read to help with your decision –

This will give you some background on phones and which models are compatible with RW. There are probably others in the Community than can offer opinions on the Samsung line and offer advice on the GSM and CDMA choices too. Hope this gets you started!


I purchased a S10 directly from Samsung, but I will be returning it because it seems to be losing connection to the network in areas that my S7 was able to stay connected. I’ve read about many connectivity issues with S10 and Sprint on the internet. I like the phone and would like to keep it, but I can’t do it if the network connection is poor.

Perhaps you need to request a GSM sim card and use the TMobile towers.

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