Advice on replacing phones amid the Republic transition

So honestly, I am at a complete loss as to what the heck is going on with this company. So far as I can tell, all that has changed is their logo. I would like to get new phones. My daughter wants a new Google phone. My husband and I are not picky about brand. The Republic store has a grand total of like 7 phones available, none of which are Google. I found a list of compatable phones, but they are all so specific about model number. All the phones I can find online either don’t have the correct model number or don’t list the model number at all. And then there’s all this stuff about changing to different SIM cards? CMDA and GSM I think? There is also something about our “type” of number changing, will this affect my service?I don’t know what this means, do I need a new one? And I saw something that some phones are only able to be used with some plans? I am so lost. I just want to upgrade my friggin phones.

Please help. I like to consider myself an intelligent person but an not tech savvy. Can someone explain this like I am 7 so I can buy new phones instead of just going to another carrier? This is insane.

There definitely are a lot of problems right now. I think the more serious of these will be fixed by mid to late January so if you aren’t in a hurry or up against a pending loss of service you probably should wait a few weeks.


I’ve been waiting since they shut down in November. My daughter’s phone doesn’t work properly, she has to keep taking the SIM out and back in again. We’ve already troubleshooted and replaced the SIM, it’s the phone. And I can only have about about 20 apps on my phone because it doesn’t have enough internal memory. So yeah, I’m a little impatient.

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Hi @elizabethh.de6nus,

Do you know which Google phone you want to buy your daughter? Do you know what kind of SIM card your daughter’s phone currently has?

If the SIM card is GSM, you can move it to another phone from this Republic Wireless 3.0 list:

If you’re not sure about compatibility, post a link to the phone you’re considering buying, and someone will help you.

If the SIM card is CDMA or the phone you want is not on that list, you’d want to consider moving to our new 5.0 plans. You can read about them here:

As @billg mentioned, we’re experiencing some trouble with moving phone numbers from our older plans to the new plans, so we would encourage you to hang on another couple of weeks if you decide 5.0 is the right option for your daughter.

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My word, this is unreasonably complicated. Apparently we all have GSM cards. So for example, the phone at this link:

It says it’s unlocked, etc., but there is no model number. Surely there is an easier way to find phones that are compatible than just scouring the internet and crossing my fingers? Because I can’t buy a phone from you guys, because they’re all locked in to the new plans, and I can’t upgrade to a new plan until Republic gets themselves together even if I wanted to. (P.S;- the links on the list you provided all go to an Error 404 page when I try to view options to purchase.)

As you can imagine, I take “a couple weeks” with a grain of salt, as the last update took about twice as long as we were told. If you cannot recommend an option other than spending hours online trying to hunt down a Republic compatible phone, I will absolutely be looking to switch to a different carrier. And I hate to do that. We’ve been with Republic since 2016 and have been happy up until now.

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Anything that says “international version” like the linked phone will not be compatible (only factory unlocked North America models).

You’ll find some helpful guidance for finding a compatible phone at the link here: How to Find a Compatible 4.0 My Choice Unlocked Phone

It hasn’t been updated to the latest models, but you can still apply the guidelines to those.

Sorry, that was not helpful at all. It was a repeat of “make sure the model number matches!” and has a link to a Republic “compatibility checker” page that no longer exists. Sorry I wasted your time and mine. If Republic wants to keep their customers, they really need to get it together and make simple things- like getting a new phone- straightforward.

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The only time there is a need to do this is if you’re trying to find a “too good to be true” deal. By the phone directly from Google or Samsung, no issue. Buy the phone at Best Buy. No problem. Buying the phone that is somehow $100 cheaper than everywhere is a formula for an international or other incompatible device because generally when it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

And how does one buy a specific model or get a specific type of SIM card from Google? Am I seriously the only one that finds this insanely complicated?

For example, this is directly from Google. No mention of model number. Under SIM, it says Single Nano SIM eSIM6, whatever the heck that is.

I’m sorry that you did not find the article to be as useful as other customers have.

I have always found that if I search by the full model number I will often get hits on compatible models. You are also always free to provide links to the Customer Experts and they will let you know if it can be determine if the phone is compatible.

Nothing has changed about finding a compatible phone to use with the My Choice plans, other than no longer being able to purchase them from Republic (who never carried all of the compatible models anyway).

SIM cards do not come from the manufacturer, but from the carrier. In your case, you will simply be moving your current GSM SIM card unless you choose to change to the 5.0 plans.

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When you purchase the 4a from Google there’s no reason to check or try to check the model number. As long as you’re buying straight from them and selecting “Unlocked” when the choice is presented, it is the right model.

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What about through Wal-Mart’s website?

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This is from Best Buy. But the model number is different from the one on the legacy list. So would it work or no?

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Refurbished phones are hard to tell because Best Buy sells from 3rd party refurbishers. Based on the listings I wouldn’t risk it if I wanted to stay on the legacy plans.

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So any new, non-refurbished phone on the legacy list, regardless of model number, is okay from Best Buy? LIke this one?

Generally, if the phone is on Republic’s legacy list and Best Buy says it’s unlocked it will work. Specifically, the phone you linked is Republic fully compatible on both legacy 4.0 (a/k/a My Choice) plans and new 5.0 plans.

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Thank you!


I did that before I answered, which is why I said fully compatible with both 5.0 and My Choice.

You are the man!

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