Advisory: Do not install NP126.48-43 to BYOP Moto G4 Play

Update: I have updated this topic with new information in a reply below.

Phones on the “amz” software channel are not impacted by this “SIM Network Unlock PIN” requirement. This requirement is limited to phones on the “cc” software channel that take the update to Android 7.1

Original content of this topic:

Advisory: BYOP Moto G4 Play owners should avoid installing NP126.48-43

Members using a Moto G4 Play purchased from a third party and on software channel “AMZ” or “CC” are advised against installing the Android update to build NP126.48-43.

Here are instructions to determine your phone’s software channel.

  • If this update is made available to your phone, do not install it. At this time it has been withdrawn from production and we do not anticipate it would present itself to additional phones.
  • If you have downloaded but not yet installed this update, do not install the update.
  • If you have installed this update and the phone now requires a “SIM Network Unlock PIN” please open a ticket, provide the details of what you are seeing, and ask that your ticket be investigated as part of master ticket 1415914.

(Pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.)


So what if I downloaded it to my BYOP Moto G Play, but I don’t have the Sim Card locking problem? Should I uninstall the nougat update? What exactly is the problem with the update?

Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

There’s not a way to uninstall the update.

Does the phone show software channel “AMZ” or “CC”?

How to Obtain the Software Channel – Republic Help

Yes it is AMZ

  • If you have installed this update and the phone now requires a “SIM Network Unlock PIN” please open a ticket, provide the details of what you are seeing, and ask that your ticket be investigated as part of master ticket 1415914 .

What exactly is the problem with the update?

Good question. I would suggest opening a [master ticket] in the case it does/doesn’t affect the phone, it may help in fixing it.

Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

The issue is what is described above. Phones on that software channel, upon installing NP126.48-43 are seeing a message that the phone requires a “SIM Network Unlock PIN.”

If you are not seeing that message, there is no reason to open a ticket.

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Gotcha ok sorry I misunderstood the wording of the post.

Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

Our engineers have been working with Motorola on this issue and I’ll try to have an update with some additional details for you tomorrow.

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I am surprised and angry that I have been working with your help folks for six days now and none of them was apparently aware of the problem. You can see what I wrote at Can’t unlock SIM and can’t connect to server. I didn’t know about the advisory until a community member told me about it a short while ago. Regardless, the advisory was too late for me; I installed the update on July 4. I have requested joining ticket 1415914, but I’m wondering how long you think it will be before we know whether the problem has been solved or we have to trash our phones. I’ve been without a phone for almost a week already. Also, as long as I’m complaining: what I saw on my phone was update to 7.1.1, which I wouldn’t have connected with NP126.48-43 even if I’d seen your advisory. I wish things could be presented for lay people. Finally, wouldn’t it have been Republic that sent out the prompt to update?

I’m afraid I’m not in a position to address all of your questions. Your point on this is understandable, however, NP126.48-43 is a build number and 7.1.1 is a version number. Generally, there are multiple build numbers sharing the same version number. For example, every monthly security patch changes the build number but the version number stays the same.

No, the notification comes from the phone’s manufacturer, in this case Motorola.

Thanks for letting me know that Motorola deserves to have some of my anger directed at it as well. Interestingly, I have been in touch with Motorola help during this same period, and the people who replied weren’t aware of the problem either even though Southpaw says that RW engineers and Motorola engineers have been working on the problem.

Although I’m not so hopeful about my phone, it feels better to get an explanation. Thank you for the information.


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You’re most welcome! Motorola is a large multinational company. In my experience, the front-line service folks and the engineers are separated by more than a few layers of corporate bureaucracy. To be clear, I’m referring to Motorola not Republic. I offer this as an observation not an excuse.

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Hi @marianneg.o8ecah,

The issue came as a surprise to us as well, and we put out the advisory as soon as we became aware that there was an issue. I’m sorry the technicians working in your ticket were not able to connect the dots.

I will make sure your the technicians who are focused on this issue are aware you have experienced it and are awaiting additional information. Please be advised that this team works regular business hours, so you will most likely not have a response tonight.

It looks like @rolandh answered your questions about the update process.

I’m away from the office this week due to an annual volunteer commitment, but please allow me a few minutes to read over the E-mails that are piled up in my inbox on this issue as well as our technical master ticket, and once I’m caught up on today’s information I will reply with an update.

Thank you. Please excuse any signs of testiness – I am very frustrated and tired from this problem.


Our engineers have continued to investigate the issue involving NP126.48-43 for the Moto G4 Play.

@jennab.u1mf3x - you have nothing to worry about. We have determined the issue impacts only phones on the “cc” software channel. Early reports of phones on the “AMZ” software channel being impacted by this issue were in error.

If your Moto G4 Play is on the “cc” software channel, this is what you need to know about NP126.48-43.

A phone on the “cc” software channel is a phone that was originally purchased from Consumer Cellular. These phones are carrier-locked. Generally this means that the phone was originally purchased at a discount for use on Consumer Cellular. Carriers often offer deep discounts on phones in exchange for a long-term commitment that the phone will stay on their service.

(Note: Republic Wireless does not carrier lock phones sold in our store. We sell the North American, factory-unlocked version of each phone we sell, and our phones can be moved to other carriers who support the same models with no negative repercussions.)

A carrier-locked phone may require a “SIM Network Unlock PIN” when a different carrier’s SIM card is installed. For some reason, the Moto G4 Play on Android Marshmallow did not do so, and a few people have been able to bring these phones to Republic Wireless. However, with this update to Nougat, the carrier lock is now working as designed.

To those impacted: We have asked a few of our members whose phones are currently locked to contact Consumer Cellular to request the SIM Network Unlock PIN. We do not yet know what the response will be. It’s possible the response may vary depending on the length of time the phone was used on the service, or the discount that was originally provided on the phone. This is an option you may also wish to pursue.

@marianneg.o8ecah, I have made sure your ticket is attached to the master ticket, and have let our technicians know you are awaiting additional details. If you decide to contact Consumer Cellular please let us know how they respond.

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I then have to wonder where are folks buying these “CC” build phones?
Are they being sold somewhere mis-labled or are mixed in the stock of the normal N.A. Unlocked model? (it is an older model now though,2016)

Are the model numbers exactly the same, for all of these Moto G4 Play? (XT1607)
If so, then that would mean the build number is the only way to differentiate a R.W. compatible model right? That info needs to be added to the Supported Phones list as well.

Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

Please understand that we are trying to provide updates in Community as quickly as possible as this situation unfolds. Our team is already working to determine what updates will be needed to the BYOP information to make sure everyone is fully informed when making a BYOP decision. That process takes longer than updating a Community Announcement but is not being overlooked.

Of cource.

Is this just for the G4 Play, or are there any other Moto phones that may be affected by having the “CC” build? Consumer Cellular still offers Moto phones. (currently, E4 Plus, and G5 Plus)

Thank you for the update. I bought the phone from someone who advertised it as unlocked, and indeed it worked on Android Marshmallow.

I was just offered a replacement by your help folks and gladly accepted. I may try to contact Consumer Cellular anyhow (as well as the original seller, if I can locate him) and will let you know what I’m told.

Thank you so much. Republic Wireless is back in my good graces.



I know Target sells (or has sold) prepaid phones branded for Consumer Cellular.

I’m uncertain about the model numbers for Consumer Cellular branded phones. For what it’s worth, the supported phones document does contain the following footnote regarding Motorola phones:

BYOP Motorola phones will need to be North American unlocked, and on software channel RETUS or AMZ to be compatible with both of our cellular providers. If they are not on one of those software channels, the phone may work with our GSM provider but not on our CDMA partner’s network. To find the software channel on your Motorola phone, please follow these steps.

I wouldn’t consider a phone branded for Consumer Cellular to be North American factory unlocked anymore than I would one branded for Verizon Wireless or another service provider. Nevertheless due to an apparent bug in Motorola’s software, some folks have been able to activate.

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