Affirm concerns

It looks like Affirm threads get locked pretty quickly, so I don’t know how long this will stay active, but RW might want to find a better company to provide financing.

I just tried to purchase using this option, as we are about to go on vacation, and I wanted to delay the payments a couple months. I went through the applying portion and I would swear that it said I was approved. When It took me back to the RW ordering page, it showed that I would be paying in a lump sum. Thinking something wasn’t right, I tried to review the cart, which took me back to the Affirm ‘application page’. This time it said I was denied.

Because I am a federal employee that is impacted by loss of PII, and have credit monitoring, I became instantly concerned and ran a full credit report. I have a 786, including the reporting agency they based their denial on, with 100% payment history. I am using less than 1/3 of my available credit.

Maybe it is a good thing I was denied by this scam of a company. They don’t seem too reputable to me, based on my experience.


Hi @gap,

We don’t lock threads simply because they are about Affirm. Typically we lock threads because they are duplicates or they devolve into bickering. They auto-archive after some period of time without activity.

I don’t know what the order process should look like after an approval, but if you were certain you were approved, I would think the second time through might result in a denial because they may not want to approve two back-to-back loans for the same person.

We wouldn’t partner with a company that was intentionally scamming our members. I’m sorry there was some confusion on your order.

Just had Affirm drain my checking account of hundreds of dollars. I had to cancel my credit card and file a fraud claim against them. Are your sure they are not a scam?

I do have my bank statement as proof.

Quite sure. Affirm is a major lender backed by Cross River Bank which is a NJ Chartered Bank and an FDIC insured institution. Affirm partners with over 150 brands including Motorola, Nest, eero, SelectBlinds, LayZBoy, Casper, and others.

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