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Hie Guys,

I have recently shifted to Australia, its been around 7-8 months and I am almost new to this country. I have tried managing all the stiff here but the main issue that I am facing here is low Internet speed and high call rate charges.

I am really very much confused which mobile network is best going in Australia and which one is suitable for me. So I really want your recommendations and suggestion.


Hi @alexz.q61qkl,

Hopefully someone with experience using their Republic phone in Australia will chime in. Meanwhile, perhaps the following information will help?

Some information regarding prepaid service in Australia here: It’s aimed at travelers but should provide some idea of offerings in the Australian prepaid market.

If intending to use the Alcatel A30 noted in your profile, you should compare the radio frequencies (bands) supported by your phone with those used by service providers in Australia (which are different from those in the U.S.).

Tech specs for your A30 here:

Information for Australian cellular networks here:

You might also consider asking the locals. They’d likely be the best source of information.


I live over here but spend 2-3 months a year in Australia (oz, as they call it!)

It’s hard to know specifically what to tell you about plans over there without knowing what you need. They don’t have unlimited data plans and wifi is not NEARLY as available there as it is here - most bars / malls will not offer free wifi, for example.

I always get a prepaid SIM when I’m over with a local number and then let is die when I come home. For spends of up to $40 Australian ($30) per month, prepaid seems to offer the best value.

[Australian prepaid Plans]

Coverage is just as unrealiable there as it is here sometimes. Telstra seem to have the best network but the other 2 main phone companies Optus and Vodaphone seem to do OK in the city.

I usually get a Kogan SIM delivered to my brother in law’s house so it’s ready for me when I arrive.

Hope this helps.

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