AFloridian's Journey to 5.0

Despite USPS Informed Delivery stating that my Republic Wireless SIM card would come on December 27th, it came today in a pretty big package.

I want to keep my number on the 4.0 my choice plan and bring it to the new 5.0 plan. I tried to port my number at least 2 times on Republic Wireless’ website before calling customer service. Before I did this, I made sure to update my pin on my old Republic Wireless account so I could be sure I would be typing in the right pin for the porting process. Then I went to the activation page with my new account. I do live in an apartment, so in the “Apt, Suite, Bldg (Optional)” section, I first put my apartment unit name, and for the # section, I wrote 1. When I got to step 3, it gave me the message to call customer service.

Then I tried again. This time, in the “Apt, Suite, Bldg (Optional)” section, I wrote Apt, and for the # section, I wrote 1. When I got to step 3, it gave me the message to call customer service.

So I called customer service. I liked the fact that I was able to speak with a real person within around 1.5 minutes on the call. I liked that I didn’t have to punch in a bunch of numbers to speak to a real person. I was a little concern about whether or not I would be able to reach customer support because I called at around 6:34pm CST (7:34pm EST), and the call center hours ended at 8pm EST today.

After the customer service rep verified things, he said the issue was on Republic Wireless’ end because of a bug. He said I had given Republic Wirless the correct information. If I’m not mistaken, I will be given an update via e-mail when things are resolved.

After the phone call, I tried to do the port again on Microsoft Edge insead of Chrome. (I didn’t really think it should make that much difference, but I was just trying anyways.) This time, I got an error message that said, “Your phone number is not eligible for porting.” I think I tried to port one more time, and I got that same error message (“Your phone number is not eligible for porting.”)

By the way, when I initially was on the drop down menu of the keep my number section, I didn’t see an option for “Republic Wireless” as the previous carrier. There wasn’t even a section that said “other” like I’ve seen on a recent port out I’ve done for friends leaving a legacy Republic Wireless refund plan to go to Google Fi (to eventually go to Google Voice). Edit: Update (1/2/22): My friends, who are from the US but are in Africa, weren’t able to transfer their number to Google Voice from Fi, so they’re just going to stay with Fi right now.

I had to go to this Republic Wireless help article to figure out what option I needed to select. It said, "If you are keeping your number, enter the porting information from your existing legacy Republic account.

  • From the list of previous carriers, select any carrier on the list - even though Republic is not listed!"

I know sometimes porting can be slightly tedious, and in one sense, this is a new process for Republic Wireless because they’re using a new carrier. I think things will get better, and eventually we’ll be able to transfer our numbers.

For now, I’m going to put my old my choice SIM back in my phone.

Update: I was able to put my old 4.0 my choice SIM back into my phone and make a call without wifi, so my SIM still works.

@Scottathew and @mistermike , this is how it went for me this evening, but I expect that I’ll eventually be able to keep my number and transfer it to the new 5.0 plans.


Tonight, I decided to call Republic Wireless while I went through the activation page, and the rep said my port was in process. That’s more progress than I got 7 days ago. At this point, I still can make calls with my 4.0 my choice plan, but maybe I’ll be fully on a 5.0 plan in the next few days or so while keeping my existing number. Time will tell.

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Hi @aFloridian,

Thanks for this update, and I’ll keep my :crossed_fingers: your number transfer goes smoothly this time. I would, however, encourage others who have been waiting to please not rush to call support. Your situation was different, in fact, you were one of three on your own unique tab of our engineering spreadsheet. And there was nothing magical about being on the phone with support that changed your results tonight. Our call agents do not have any special tools that can guide number transfers through their complexities.

Our engineers have been working steadfastly in the background and have pushed through a number of fixes. For those with number transfers still pending, we’re continuing to work on them, and will be in touch as quickly as possible (I’m hoping within the next day or so) with an update and steps to follow.


I hope so, too. Since I’m going to Phoenix on Thursday, yesterday was my last attempt to transfer my number to a 5.0 plan until I get back from my short weekend trip.

Well, it’s probably good that I was one of those 3 because I’m okay with being an early adopter. This doesn’t mean I like every part of the current the activation process, but it does mean I understand that when the engineers solve my unique problem, it’ll make the process easier for others that will porting into a 5.0 plan with an existing my choice number.

Also, I’m thankful that my 4.0 my choice plan is still working, so I haven’t been out of Republic Wireless service.

I’m glad Republic Wireless is improving and things are getting smoother with the activation process! :slight_smile:


I’ve been using my existing 4.0 my choice plan as I wait to transition to Republic Wireless’ 5.0 plan. I wanted to see if maybe my 5.0 SIM card was working, so I took my old sim out, and I put my new 5.0 SIM in. I still couldn’t make calls. I put the old my choice SIM in, and it, too can’t make calls either. I have a message that says, “This phone isn’t activated. Do you want to activate this phone to make calls?” I’m not sure if I initially got some type of message like that first on the my choice plan this evening before I decided to test out my 5.0 SIM again; this may have been the case, but the details are a little fuzzy in my mind.

I’m planning to leave to Phoenix on Thursday for a weekend trip. I’ve never been there before, and I have been planning to rely on my cellphone service to connect with people, for navigation, and etc and etc. I was just about to call someone about trip details.

I’m reminded that in everything, I (still) can give thanks. Why?

1. It’s not Wednesday night, so I still have some time to adjust before my Thursday flight.
If need be, my worst case scenario is that I can go to Wal-mart on Wednesday night, two days from now, and get a temporary number and service on a different carrier. My contacts are still on my phone, and I still would be able to call them through my same phone I currently have. I would still be able to navigate through Phoenix as well. Wal-mart is just around 6 minutes away from me, and I have a midday flight to Phoenix on Thursday, so I can adjust.

2. Maybe my issue will be resolved before Wednesday night.
I know the Republic Wireless engineers are working hard to solve these activation issues, and they’ve solved a lot of problems already. My issue may be able to be solved before Wednesday night.

3. I still can communicate with the person I was about to call via e-mail and other means.
I’m thankful I have wifi at my duplex, so I still can e-mail the person about trip details, which I plan on doing before the night ends.

4. I’m thankful I still can use Signal to call someone tomorrow morning.
Signal is like WhatsApp, and I can use it tomorrow to make a phone call if need be.

5. I’m thankful that what I’m experiencing right now is atypical in my Republic Wireless experience of almost 7 years.
I’ve been able to keep my number while switching to a few phones that have worked with Republic Wireless, and for a short time, I ported my number out of Republic Wireless, and then I ported back into Republic Wireless. I’ve never gotten a SIM card error like this before. Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook seamless transitions with various activations that I’ve had in the past with Republic Wireless, but I can appreciate those times more.

6. I’m thankful that I can more so relate with people that are out of phone service in this activation process…because I currently am, too.

7. I’m thankful that Republic Wireless is focusing on continual improvement, and my experience will help other people’s experiences be smoother.
I know I’m an early adopter, and I have tried to activate a 5.0 plan when there have been issues with activations. I know I’ve encountered challenges to get on the 5.0 plan, but I still want to test it out. The experience Republic Wireless gains in helping me with this challenge will make other people’s paths much easier.

By the way, I work helping with making custom orders for people. I remember a little over 5 years ago, when I was new to this specific line of work, I messed up 4 times in a row on a particular person’s order. That wasn’t my intention, nor was it my goal, but it happened, and I felt so sorry for making those mistakes. Finally, I believe on the 5th time, I got it right. Customer X had so much patience with me that I was amazed, and she still came for more services in the years afterwards. (You better believe I was extra careful on making sure everything was done right on her orders that I handled afterwards).

Those mistakes I made on Customer X’s order helped me prevent a lot of other mistakes for other people. In addition, a few years later, when I did some training on how to make these custom orders, I was able to use the experience of my mistakes to help the trainee to make a whole lot less errors than I did when I started out.

I think Republic Wireless is learning from these activation issues, and activations will get better for everyone! :slight_smile:


Yeah! My 4.0 my choice SIM is working again, and I was able to talk with two people about my Phoenix trip details; I was really needing to talk with them tonight, and it worked out. I’m very thankful for this! :slight_smile:

I also am assuming I may need to take my 5.0 SIM card with me on my trip if my number isn’t ported to the plan beforehand.

I kept on put putting my 5.0 SIM and then my 4.0 SIM back and forth in my phone and trying to call a number because I wanted to document the issues I was experiencing further. Then I ended up being able to talk to someone. In this activation process, I probably was only out of service for around 1 hour that I noticed.

Here’s some of what I was trying to document before my 4.0 my choice plan started working again:

"When I have my 4.0 my choice SIM card in my phone, and I try to make a call, I get the message: ‘This phone isn’t activated. Do you want to activate this phone to make calls?’ When I try to make calls with my 5.0 SIM card in my phone, I receive the message, ‘Cellular network not available for voice calls.’

What I’m going to assume is that it seems like I am going through some sort of transfer from 4.0 to 5.0 plans. My expectation was that I would have service on both or at least one of the 4.0 and 5.0 SIMs, which I think is typical for other porting transfers I’ve done in the past outside of Republic Wireless.

I assume that I am activated on the 5.0 plan, but my activation is still in some sort of limbo. I base my assumption on the fact that when I put my 5.0 SIM card in my phone and try to make a call, I don’t get an error about my phone not being activated."

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This morning, I put my 5.0 SIM card in my phone. I had no service, but I didn’t get any error message about the SIM not being activated. I put my 4.0 SIM back in my phone, and I have the error message that my phone isn’t activated.

Last night, I switched my SIM cards, and my 4.0 service still worked, but this morning, it currently doesn’t. Maybe my 4.0 service will come back like it did two days ago when apparently, I had the same issue. It seems like after I switch my SIM cards, it is a hit or miss for me as to whether or not I will have service on at least 1 SIM card. For the most part, I do retain 4.0 service when I switch SIM cards. Right now, I currently don’t have service on either SIM card, but this might change later on today.

I’m still thankful for the work being done behind the scenes by Republic Wireless to resolve these issues.

Did you update your APN settings when you installed the 5.0 SIM?

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No, I didn’t update my APN settings. I have seen people talk about that, but I didn’t get any email regarding that and/or I’m not sure I saw it on the website when I was going through activation (although maybe it was there). I am going to try to do this quickly before I go to work.

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I just changed my apn settings, and I tried to double check them. I restarted my phone, and I still have no service. Hopefully, I just made some type of mistake with my apn settings. I’ll try to post screenshots of what I did later on today. Thanks for your troubleshooting help @cbwahlstrom!

Sorry it didn’t work. When my 5.0 service became active I received an e-mail (I didn’t do a number transfer, however):


I think maybe those who are getting new numbers on 5.0 plans are having faster activations. Also, I haven’t gotten an e-mail that my number was ported.

I said I would post screenshots of my apn settings, but I decided against this right now because I have other things to do for my trip tomorrow.

Tonight, I watched the Republic Wireless video about apn settings, and I checked to see if mine were right. I restarted my phone, and I didn’t have 5.0 service (By the way, I did see that I probably had made 1 error in typing in my apn settings in the morning). I deleted my apn settings, and I tried to input them again. I restarted my phone, and I didn’t have 5.0 service. I put my 4.0 SIM card in my phone, and I got the message that my phone wasn’t activated.

It is Wednesday night now, and probably in an hour or so, I’m going to get an activation kit from Wal-mart for cellphone service from another provider so that I will be able to call, text, and have some data for my trip to Phoenix tomorrow. I’m thankful I’m not going on an earlybird flight. :wink: I still intend to get on the 5.0 plan with Republic Wireless, but at this point, since I don’t currently have service with my 4.0 or 5.0 SIMs, I think it’s best for me to temporarily go onto another carrier with a new number. (Maybe I typed something in wrong in setting up my APN settings, but even if I did, I need to get a phone plan from another carrier so I can do some other trip preparation). I can let some people know what my temporary number is, and I’ll be able to manage in Phoenix.

In time, I should be on a 5.0 plan.

I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be for you. It only took me a few minutes to get activated with a new number, and still I’m frustrated that I can’t do conditional call forwarding to make this work correctly with Google Voice. Hopefully they’ll get you activated soon.

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I hope you’re able to have this resolved soon.

I’m glad I had difficulties with my number transfer with my 5.0 SIM while I am still at home, so it worked out. It would be worse if I had this happen while I was in Phoenix. I had thought if my 4.0 SIM card stopped working, I need to be carrying around my 5.0 SIM while I was traveling, but since I got a temporary number, I can just leave both of my 4.0 and 5.0 SIM cards at home.

I now have active service on another carrier with a temporary card. It actually took me around 1.5 hours to activate, mainly because I didn’t really read the prompts. I kept on going in circles on various parts of the activation process. For example, on my phone, I saw a picture that talked about activating, so I clicked on that link. I didn’t see any other links to click on besides the menu button. However, if I read more of the wording, I would’ve realized I wasn’t clicking on a BYOP link. (What I needed to do was scroll down to find the BYOP section). Then, in the wrong section, I entered in the SIM number, and I got this error: “this device is in an invalid status and is not eligible for this transaction”. I didn’t know what that meant or what to do with that error.

Then I went to the BYOP section, and I got further along in the activation, but it took me awhile to realize when the company was initially asking for the IMEI number on the card that had my SIM attached to it, that they were wanting the SIM card number. I didn’t see any wording on that card that said IMEI, so unfortunately, I assumed they wanted the IMEI number on my phone for that section, which they didn’t at that point.

At another part of the process, I got this error message: “Your sim card is in an invalid status.” Finally, I passed through those steps, and I didn’t read properly about entering some details. I needed to create an account, but then I already had an account apparently with 2 e-mails I had used in the past; I don’t remember the passwords for those old accounts. I eventually was locked out of going any further. I got a message to either call a number (but…I didn’t have phone service) or wait until later.

Thankfully, I was able to go on their app and do the activation process again. It was smoother; on the app, I had information to have to put in to confirm my SIM and etc. I was able to activate my service, so now I have a temporary number at least until Feburary 5th.

One other interesting note is I didn’t see a SIM card tray eject tool with my activation kit on with this carrier; it may have been in the kit, but I didn’t see it. I was thankful to use the SIM card tray eject tool that came with my Republic Wireless activation kit.

I’ll try out my 5.0 SIM again after my trip.

I was asked to try to move to the 5.0 plan again as part of a test.

I was able to do so rather quickly. I will share more details later because I have to go to work.


Is this within the same 4.0 account…or by creating a new account for 5.0 ?

In this test, last night I was able to move my existing number that was on a 4.0 plan to a 5.0 plan rather quickly, and the process was MUCH smoother than my first attempt in late December. I will share more details later.


That’s great to hear, In my case the 5.0 phone was active in very short order (minutes) but it too about 5 days before calls were routed nationwide.

Since December 23, 2021, I have had several unsuccessful attempts to port my Republic Wireless number from a 4.0 to a 5.0 plan. Last night, I was asked to be part of a test to try to move my existing number from a 4.0 plan to a 5.0 plan one more time, and this time…

it worked! :slight_smile: :tada:

Some improvements I’ve noticed with Republic Wireless’ activation page after December 23, 2021:

The process to activate my phone was so MUCH smoother.

  1. After typing a number from a card that my SIM was attached to, I was able to go to the next page without getting a “gateway timeout” error..

  2. When I went to the second page, I could click the drop down menu and select “other” for my carrier (which is Republic Wireless). This option wasn’t there on December 23, 2021, so on that day, I had some unnecessary confusion as to which carrier I needed to select.

The “other” field is now in the previous carrier drop down menu.

  1. I was able to put my information in and get to the page where I could submit my activation. Then I could get to the page that confirmed my activation was in progress. I hadn’t been able to get to these pages before, so I previously couldn’t confrim on Republic Wireless’ website on my own whether or not I had really submitted an activation.

  1. A few minutes later, I got a confirmation e-mail of the activation process. Before last night, I hadn’t gotten an e-mail at all minutes after my previous attempts to port my Republic Wireless number to a 5.0 plan.

welcome to Republic Wireless

  1. I took me around 2-3 minutes to go through all of the steps of the activation process on Republic Wireless’ website. This was a MAJOR improvement, especially because in the past, I couldn’t go through all of the steps, and my issue wasn’t because I had been putting in incorrect information (like a wrong PIN #) into Republic Wireless’ system.

Some questions you may have about my journey to 5.0:

1. After you went through the activation steps on Republic Wireless’ website and put your new 5.0 SIM card in your phone, how long did it take before you could make a call?

I was able to make a phone call within around 1-3 minutes.*** Before I got my e-mail that instructed me to restart my phone after I put my SIM card in, I tried to make a few phone calls without restarting my phone. That didn’t work. Then I restarted my phone, and then I was able to make phone calls.

***In a previous attempt to move to a 5.0 plan, I had already changed my APN settings for my 5.0 SIM card, so I didn’t have to do that again.

2. Are you able to have use cellular data on your phone on the 5.0 plan?
Yes. Last night, I turned off wifi on my phone, and I was able to go to Facebook on my 5.0 plan.

3. Are you able to receive texts?

Yes. I texted someone this morning, and I was able to receive a text back from that person.

Note: I might not receive all of my inboud calls/texts on my 5.0 plan for a few days during this porting process. In my initial testing, I haven’t discovered any issue with texting up to this point.

4. Are you able to able to receive calls?

Yes. I asked someone to call me this morning, and I was able to receive her call.

Note: I might not receive all of my inboud calls/texts on my 5.0 plan for a few days during this porting process. In my initial testing, I haven’t discovered any issue with calling up to this point.

5. Were you able to bring your own phone to the 5.0 plan? If so, what phone are you using?

Yes. The phone I’m using on a 5.0 plan is a 2020 Moto G Stylus that I bought from Republic Wireless last year.

6. Can you do wifi calling on your 2020 Moto G Stylus?

No. Last night, I put my phone on airplane mode, and then I enabled wifi. I tried to make a call, but I wasn’t able to. Here’s Republic Wireless’ wifi calling compatability list for phones on their 5.0 plans. Here’s an unofficial chart of hands of testing of phones on 5.0 plans.

7. How is the call quality on 5.0 plans?

I’m not totally sure yet; this needs more testing. I haven’t had a long conversation with someone using my 5.0 plan yet. I typically will be on the phone for at least 1 hour with someone every Tuesday morning. This person has previously said that sometimes I sound far away when I was on a 4.0 plan. I’m very interested in what this person will say about my 5.0 plan.

8. Has your reception improved?

I’m not sure yet; this requires more testing. I currently live in a small town in Oklahoma, but I’m not in the country. I’m curious to see how my phone does in some areas where I had dead zones on my 4.0 plan. If I’m not mistaken from reports I’ve heard from others, even Verizon has spotty coverage in at least 1 of those dead zones.

9. What are your thoughts about Republic Wireless after you had to temporarily get service from another carrier the night before your short trip to Phoenix?

For those who don’t know, on January 5th, I didn’t have service on my 4.0 or 5.0 SIM cards, and I would be in Phoenix January 6-9, so I got a temporary number from Wal-mart on another service provider. (I learned later from Southpaw that there was a way for me to still have service on my 4.0 plan, which I was unaware of).

In spite of my difficulty, I still am thankful for service at Republic Wireless. On a very big picture view, my pros of almost having Republic Wireless service for 7 years outweigh my cons.

In addition, my trip wasn’t spoiled by Republic Wireless’ activation issues. I sought to focus on a having a temporary solution to enable me to have a trip that would have cellphone service with data, and I got it. I passed out my temporary number to people I thought might need it the most, and then I enjoyed my trip, letting Republic Wireless work out the kinks in their system.

My issues have also paved the way for others to have smoother activation experiences in the future.

10. Do you think Republic Wireless is doomed because of the activation challenges they encountered with the rollout of their 5.0 plans?

No. Successful companies don’t let challenges define them; rather, they focus on overcoming them. The barometer of doom and failure of a company isn’t the presence of challenges; name 1 successful company that hasn’t had challenges. One aspect of success is how a company seeks to conquer challenges. My journey to a 5.0 plan is an illustration of Republic Wireless’ commitment to overcoming these activation issues, and it’s going to be easier for others to move their numbers from 4.0 to 5.0 plans in the future. One underrated quality of Republic Wireless is their continous improvement, which can potentially be hard to see in light of challenges, but they have that quality nevertheless.

11. Do you wish you tried to move to a 5.0 plan so soon (on December 23, 2021)?

I personally am glad I did though I wouldn’t recommend it probably to most people. Like I said in my answer to question #9, “my issues have also paved the way for others to have smoother activation experiences in the future.” I’ve been an early adopter; I’ve learned more about activating phone plans, giving feedback, and how a person sees someone’s website. I’ve seen a company striving to be helpful in spite of being overloaded with help tickets and activation issues. These have all been learning experiences for me.

12. What else do you want to do on your 5.0 plan?
Probably tomorrow, for the first time ever, I’m going to encourage one of my friends to consider switching to a Republic Wireless’ 5.0 plan in 1.5 months****–providing I continue to have a good experience with it and Republic Wireless opens up activations for people that have existing numbers again. This friend has known about me being on Republic Wireless almost 7 years ago, and it has matured to the point where I can give this person pretty strong reasons to at least consider switching because of Republic Wireless having a different underlying carrier than it did on the 4.0 plans.

****I think a good rule of thumb is to test out a phone plan for 30 days to get a good sense of how it is. That way, it can be tested in a variety of situations. This means, I’ll more fully know about Republic Wireless’ 5.0 plan in around 29 more days from now, which can give me experience to give a stronger recommendation. This is in part why I think it may be good for my friend to potentially switch to Republic Wireless in 1.5 months.


To be clear, was the recent activation and porting to the 5.0 plan from your temporary Wal-mart number, or was it from your original MyChoice number? I’ve been waiting since December 14 (exactly 1 month) after trying to activate from my 4.0. One technique that I’ve considered was porting my current 4.0 to a temporary T-Mobile account–converting it to a real cell number–and then porting that back to a 5.0 plan. (I did this years ago when I ported my landline to Google Voice which would only accept cell numbers.) It just seems that doing a flip to an outside provider would be a step that most RW members would not consider. They’d just stay with the outside provider. If your successful port was from a genuine RW VoIP number to the new 5.0, plan that’s really good news, and one that I’m eager to try.

Thanks for all the helpful information. You and @Southpaw have been the reasons I’ve been sticking around.