AFloridian's Journey to 5.0

@aFloridian was selected to be asked to test moving his RW number from his legacy account to 5.0 because the error seen on his earlier attempts was resolved and because it was a single-line transfer.

I can discuss with you further in your ticket as to how your situation is a bit different.

My recent activation and porting was from an original 4.0 my choice number to a 5.0 plan. This almost 11 year old number has been with Republic Wireless for almost 7 years.

That’s one reason I wanted to share my experience. I definitely see “hope” around the corner for many Republic Wireless customers that want to move their existing number to a 5.0 plan based on the reality that this has now worked for me. To be clear, I’m a test subject, and I was asked to do the activation process again, but this is paving the way for many others to have similiar (or even better) experiences in the future.

The temporary number I got from Wireless was a new number from a different company. I was able to use my same 2020 Moto G Stylus I got from Republic Wireless, activate that plan, and put this company’s SIM card in my phone. Now that I’m on a 5.0 plan with Republic Wireless, I’m no longer using that SIM card. I’m thankful to be using my old number.

For the most part, I was still able to use my 4.0 plan while I was waiting on 5.0 service. However, the night before my trip, I got service on another carrier temporarily so that I could navigate Phoenix, connect with some people, and etc without having to troubleshoot an error message from my 4.0 SIM card or waiting on my 5.0 SIM card to work.

In my specific case, the information I gave Republic Wireless to activate my SIM card was correct; I confirmed this when I call Republic Wireless a few weeks ago to try to go through the activation process with a customer service representative (this isn’t recommended by Republic Wireless right now based on the amount of calls they’re getting about activations). My issue was on Republic Wireless’ end.

The other thing I would be a little cautious about is trying to move your Republic Wireless number to another carrier when it still might be in a porting process. I wouldn’t want you to lose your number, especially if you’ve had it for several years or more.

You’re welcome @davidw. I know when I was wondering it was encouraging to me when I read a @Scottathew that said 2 of 4 lines that been ported to 5.0 plans. At that time, my 4.0 plan hadn’t ported to a 5.0 plan, but I was thankful to know it was at least in the realm of possiblity given @Scottathew’s experience.


On Wednesday night, January 12th, I completed my activation on Republic Wireless’ website to port my existing number from a 4.0 plan to a 5.0 plan. As of Thursday night, January 13th, I believe I’ve been fully ported over based on these two e-mails I received from Republic Wireless about my account tied with my (former) 4.0 plan:

service line cancelled1

service line cancelled2

My existing number that I ported over to the 5.0 plan wasn’t cancelled. Basically, my two e-mails are just confirmation that my 4.0 plan no longer exists. My 5.0 number is on a new account with a new e-mail. These two e-mails were e-mail to my old Republic Wireless e-mail that was setup with my old account.

What’s the multi-line discount referred to in the first email? I thought you said there was only one 4.0 plan on the account…

I actually do not know what the e-mail was referring to when it said “multi-line”. I only had one 4.0 my choice phone plan. After my existing number on the 4.0 plan was transferred to a 5.0 plan, I only have one 5.0 number on my new account.

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Thanks for sharing. Had similar experience in receiving new SIm card. I haven’t even tried to activate, because I cant afford to be without service. I hope when I change to new plan it fixes my texting issues. I can no longer group text and all my text go out under a different number, even though my original # is still good for everything else. It also won’t let me download text and keeps telling me to go to the app. Which is already up to date on phone, and get text. Way too many things broken…poorest implementation of technology I have ever seen and I work in IT


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

The good news is Republic Wireless is working on a smoother experience for activations.

This is a screenshot I took from

@ritam.11voaw, when I was on the 4.0 plan, I think I had a similiar issue that you had. I was able to resolve the issue with help from this forum. Please read about it here because it might help resolve your issue even while you’re still on the 4.0 plan.

I was fully ported over to the 5.0 plan on January 13th; I’ve been a part of various group texts, and I’ve had no issue sending or receiving group texts that I know of.

I’m sorry about that. I never have experienced this specific issue on the 4.0 plan, but I did expereince a problem where my texts appeared to someone as a different number, which was able to be fixed.

The issues surrounding moving existing Republic Wireless numbers to 5.0 plans was laden with challenges. However, my experience of being able to move my number to a 5.0 plan is a testament that Republic Wireless is really working on fixing these issues. (Disclaimer: On January 12th, I was asked to be part of a test to try to move my existing number from a 4.0 plan to a 5.0 plan one more time, and it worked.)

I anticipated this is the issue, but Chat is off and wrong number continues to go out