After All These Years, This Is Still A Problem

For what it’s worth, GSM does not boost radio power like CDMA when attached to weak cellular signal. In theory, a Republic activated phone provisioned for GSM (T-Mobile network) cellular coverage should not suffer significant battery drain as the result of keeping the cellular radio active in the presence of weak signal.

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I would recommend this. Android developers have done a lot of optimization around the phone being a cellular device. I would hope that if a call starts on a poor cellular connection, the Republic Wireless app steps in and moves the call to WiFi in a timely manner.


Hi @beachb,

Any progress?

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Some. The RW arc in the notification area seems to stay solid white far more often. I guess that’s progress. The person who most often complains about calls going straight to voicemail has been with me, at home, for the past two weeks. So, I haven’t had enough time with the EH to say for sure that it has fixed the problem. Indications, so far, are good, though. Unfortunately, I have a new problem with the EH ATA. The call quality on the other end of all calls (incoming/outgoing) through the ATA are of poor quality. Speech received on the othger end is scratchy/crackley… annoying to listen to. I tried switching out phone lines and ethernet cables with no improvement. Not sure why it would do that. It sounds as though the codec is somehow overcompressing… trashing up the call on the remote end of the call. The noise is not constant… only with speech. Any ideas?

You should probably ask RW for help. All my EH phones have voice quality equal to or better than that of my cell phone. You should expect that, too. I’ve had a couple of problems with EH in the past, but RW tech has always come through.

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