After almost 5 years of bliss, RW has managed to make me extremely unhappy!


Thanksgiving Day…bought a new Moto X4 for myself…bought a new Moto E5 Play for the wife (all she does is talk/text, no data).

Both phones were delivered today. I removed both from their boxes and began charging them on the included charging apparatuses. Two hours later, I went to activate the wife’s phone and found that the “Powered by Android” screen was constantly flashing on and off…I had not turned the phone on prior to charging and this is not typical for Motorola phones. I unplugged the cord from the phone…the phone will NOT turn on…at all. I realize it’s a cheap phone, but I expect it to at least WORK like a cheap phone.

Which brings me to the Moto X4…keeps failing activation. Says to update the RW app…still nothing. Have gotten the notification 3 times in past half hour that there is system update available…still getting it even though I’ve done it and restarted twice already in the past half hour. To say I’m getting hot under the collar would be a gross understatement. If I can’t get this resolved in the next day or two, for both phones, I’m going back to Verizon…I dob’t mind paying more for something that works…or for the convenience of being able to walk into the local store for a face to face with someone that may be able to help.


In a chat with Corey…E5 issue sorted…that one was MY FAULT! Working on the other issue…


The Moto X4 was released over a year ago and there are multiple updates that need to be installed in order they where release it would not surprise me if there where between 6-8 OS updates


getting the same issue on the E5 Play now…updates thru 10/2018 are done…still failing activation


so…Corey has gone dark on me…no system update notifications in over 30 minutes on the E5 Play…still won’t activate…I have had several phones over the past 4-5 years and have never had an issue activating them…in July, I went from a G4 to a G5S+…went back to the G4 a bit later, after the new one went swimming…no issues either activation…

I’m at my wits end and ready to box these up and ship them back…


Hi @bwram1,

Can you tell me the exact wording of the activation failure message? I’ll try to see what I can find out.


dark gray screen…orange circle with smaller white circle…orange question mark inside white circle…says:

Uh oh! Something isn’t right
Your Republican activation has failed.
Please contact our Help team.

On update #5 (I think) (OPWS28.3.5) on the X4…hoping that activation goes a bit more smoothly…


And have you opened a ticket yet?


yes…couple of hours ago…been at this for about 3 hours…took me no more than 30 minutes to copy old device, update and activate the last phone or two


Ok, let me see where your ticket is and if we can figure out what might be going on.

All the updates are important… with our older devices there weren’t as many updates, and people complained about that. Now we have phones that get more frequent updates, and there’s a whole new can of worms to have to deal with.


on the ticket, I mentioned the E5 not powering up…that was my stupidity…first phone I’ve had in a long time where I had to install the battery…easy fix there


If it makes you feel any better, you are not the first person to have had that exact experience and people are returning the phones for that reason. Corey gets points for catching that in a little contest he’s involved in!


doesn’t help me feel less stupid…I build desktops…as a hardware guy, I should have caught that on my own lol


appears that I have completed all system updates for the X4 as well…that one is still failing as well


Well, it doesn’t help that they hide the battery!

I’ve taken a look at your ticket and your account and I wish I had better news. It looks like the same fulfillment issues that delayed the phone’s delivery also resulted in some data about the phones not being properly registered, and that’s preventing the activation. I’ve got smarter people taking a look, but it may take a while to get someone with all the right permissions and knowledge to correct this.


time for me to find out just how “virtuous” patience really is… :confused:


:santa: is watching…


well…he already brought us our phones, so…


Hi @bwram1,

I’m replying in your ticket now, but it looks like the issue is resolved. Yes?


After hearing that our phones weren’t registered on the RW end, I was kinda expecting to not be able to activate them before Monday. Turned them on this morning…not really sure why…BOOM! Was able to get them activated in no time!
Huge THANK YOU to Southpaw for getting to the root of my problem! All is blissful once again!