After almost 5 years of bliss, RW has managed to make me extremely unhappy!


YEP! Was updating at the same time as your reply…

THANK YOU for your help in getting this resolved!


My involvement was very minimal, but I’m glad the activation went through this morning. I’ll follow up in your ticket.

I hope we hear from you in Community now and then, when things aren’t going wrong.


I was reading this post thread. I saw where OP phone started working…I literally ran to the other room to try my Moto E5 and it magically activated!!! After days of stress of dealing with this issue, and customer support not suggesting anything I cannot tell you how relieved I am to finally be able to test this phone in our area (only certain RW phones work here, that’s a whole other mess). I think I heard a choir of angels singing when the activation went through!!!

Starting to get angry