After data runs out for a month (does it give unlimited 2G)?


On the $20 1GB plan, if the 1GB of data is used up in a month, does the user get unlimited 2G or throttled data similar to other providers do? (I’m thinking of switching and my current carrier does this. Although it is slow, I find it useful to hold me over to the next month if needed…)

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At the present time, when your data runs out, it just stops. (You can of course move up to the next plan level to get extra data.)

Republic is running several tests right now with different things occurring after data runs out including small daily amounts of throttled data, 1GB of extra throttled data, etc. The expectation is that the testing is being done because their thinking about changing how plans work, but of course that’s just speculation and no one knows if or when this might actually happen.

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Thank you. Do you know if there is a way to be part of the testing? Or, is that just something they are doing for only select users?



Republic makes the choice (based on undisclosed criteria) who’s invited to be part of this testing. I’m afraid there’s no way to ask in.



Ok. Thank you.

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