After I retire my Moto X from phone service, can I still use it as a mini tablet in a WiFi hotspot?

Or does the phone need some ongoing interaction with Republic wireless in order to keep working?

for example, I have a Motorola Moto X gen 1 phone which is aging out of the Republic wireless system and would like retire it from phone duty to run the Sygic dashcam/satnav app. Shoudl I root the phone or just use it as is? AFAIK, the wifi functionality of the phone will still work even after I remove the phone from my plan w Republic Wireless. I should still be able to use it as a mini tablet in a WiFi hotspot, right ?

I keep running across Android terms and concepts and jargon that are opaque to me. is there one simple central resource for understanding how the Android app /OS ecosystem works -

Hi @brucem.s6ifki!

Yes! You can absolutely use your old phone as a WiFi only device! Using your phone like that is a great way to repurpose an old device! You do NOT need service to use the device as a tablet. Just keep in mind you won’t be able to use it as a phone aside from emergency calls (911). Android doesn’t require you to have service to use Apps. Having service just makes the phone, well, a phone.

As far as rooting goes, you can root it if you want to, but you don’t need to root it to just use it as a WiFi only device. Do keep in mind that if you ever decide to reactivate it, Republic may not be able to help troubleshoot any service issues if the device is rooted. See this article: Rooting and User Modification – Republic Help .

I hope that helps!

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Yes, you can. I am using our phoneless Moto G4 Play as a tablet. Right now we share our new fabuloso G7 Play. One day if the virus stops transatlantic flights we will install a Republic SIM card so my wife will have a phone during travel for whenever the TSA separates us again for questioning just before a flight. (They were most curious about me carrying a small stapler with a box of ammo, I mean, staples. They stared at it as if they were an aborigines seeing a mirror for the first time. Then, they took it to a secret location for inspection. I am not making this up. Next time we will both have phones and just to get their panties in a wad I’m carrying a desk size stapler.)

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