After Maintenance, no mobile data available


I have a Motorola Pure Edition and am on the My Choice Plan. From what I can tell, this morning my cellular data no longer is working. I have reset the phone, and am in an area that has no issues. I show full connection, but it says “no data”. Wifi still works. I have also tried adding more data which has not worked.

From what I can tell it happened during “The Cellular Partner System Maintenance” on the status page. However, that was supposed to be done by now. Moroever, my Republic app is not updating - it’s not showing how much data I have left, it just keeps loading.

Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes?


Hi @sequoia,

Has the issue cleared up yet? Sometimes it can take a bit of time after the maintenance window ends before all the backlogged orders process. And every now and then the maintenance window is extended and the partner doesn’t advise us of the extension. :crying_cat_face:

I see you’ve also opened a ticket on the matter. Have the steps given in the ticket resolved the issue?

If not, could you try force-stopping the RW app and then opening it again?

Have you made sure cellular data is not disabled and no “warning” is set in the Android Settings app?

Yes I reset the app and it worked, thank you!


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