After Motorola 8.1 upgrade G5+ Republic keeps saying phone not activated



What phone do you have? G5+

What plan are you on? 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description


Have you tried restarting the phone? Open the RW app…and see if it walks through a quick activation sequence. Let us know if you get any error messages.


Yes, I have done reboots several times. Twice I have done quick activations. After first reboot it tells me there is no SIM. After second reboot it finds SIM and does quick activation. I have done 6 reboots now and it seems to have finally settled in to working with Android 8.1.
Here’s what I think could have contributed to this problem. PIA VPN says “Android 8.0+ includes a better alternative to Killswitch, click for more information” That goes to: “Android 8.0 and later include an option from Android itself to block connections without VPN. As this is deeply integrated in Android OS itself…” and goes on "We recommend setting up “Always on VPN” and “Block connections without VPN”.
I think this caused the problem initially. I turned those settings back off in Android and after several reboots Republic Wireless seems to be OK now.


As you are probably aware PIA maintains an extensive network of servers, however if you connect to Republic via any VPN, you will add the additional delay caused by the travel via the Internet to the providers VPN server near you, where it has to be decrypted and put back on the Internet to travel to the Republic Server. This can lead to less than good results with any VoIP system as the delays add up.

Edited to clarify the delay path I previously stated


Hi @jburke2424,

We’ve seen a handful of other phones exhibit this behavior in the last week or so, and they are not all on 8.1. Please let us know after a few days whether the issue resurfaces.


I’ve tried six reboots at different times and no problems to report. I think removing the VPN at boot up has worked for Republic Wireless start up.


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26 days later I now have this problem show up again. However, on reboot and choosing to Activate everything worked again. I have Android 8.1 The problem surfaced again when I did a shutdown and then restarted. But many other reboots and shutdowns did not cause this problem during the last 26 days.


Thanks for the update @jburke2424,

We do have a master ticket now as others have reported this activation screen surfacing on activated phones. If you would, please submit a ticket from the Republic Wireless app so that device logs will be included with the ticket, and include an estimate of the date the issue began. Please ask that the ticket be investigated as part of master ticket 1508513.


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