After phone switch, wife's text show up as ghost number on my old phone

What phone do you have? Samsun A02s

What plan are you on? Monthly

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk, Text & Data

Issue Description

I replaced my Moto g(7) with a Samsung A02s a couple of days ago. I kept the same phone number.
Ever since the switch, my wife’s calls come to my new phone, but all her texts still go to my old phone, and her number is displaying as a new number in the text. None of her texts are showing on my new phone, but she receives all my texts as me from my new phone.

Hi @paulm.lcwn7p,

Please try disabling the Chat feature in the messaging app on all three phones.

Also, (though not related directly to what you’re describing) since you have a Samsung phone, I’d like to recommend these optimization tips:

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