After recent update wont connect to wifi


I recently completed a recommended update, and since then my moto x 1st gen will no longer connect to wifi. Other devices in home are still able to utilize wifi, but my phone often does “see” my wifi at home any longer and will NOTconnect at all, even manually, requiring me to burn cell data. My wife also called earlier asking if I received her voicemail, and 30-45 minutes after hanging up, a voicemail message popped up from the call an hour earlier. ANNNND my voicemail format has now changed to where I am forced to dial a voicemail system whereas before I could simply click either “call back” or “listen”…


Several people with the Moto X have reported this problem but I have yet to read of a solution. Some of those reports are in this thread:

All of the people I know who own the Moto X (1st Gen & 2nd Gen) have installed this update successfully.

You should click on Help at the top of this page and open a service ticket.


Thanks billg ! I opened service ticket, and expert Corey advised dumping app storage cache, deleting some potential culprit apps (security/task managers, in my case), and restarted in safe mode. I immediately was connected to wifi and after restarting my phone and adding apps back, no further problems!

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